Transfer token missing -ATG

  • Ajax The Greater
  • Missing server transfer token
  • Glubdubadrib
  • My account
  • Go to the world transfer page in the store, and see missing token.
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Hi, and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about this issue with the transfer token not being available.

I have now escalated this and I’ll update the thread as soon as I get an answer about this.

Thanks for letting us know about the problem.

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This is a huge issue and there are multiple very long threads about it. [BUG or NINJA UPDATE] Transfer Tokens are Gone.

Note that this is not the same issue as the trading post order issue, and it also has nothing to do with people wanting multiple transfers.


Thanks for letting me know about the other thread, I’ll focus on this one for the time being, but I’ll ask the people on the other thread for some info as well so I have it in case it’s needed.

I’ll keep updating both posts as I get more information.

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Btw, if you’re looking for more people with this issue, this thread [Megathread] Inability to Transfer Servers - #2318 by Devasi has a lot of people with this issue since the last update saying their character name and server.

Note that this thread was originally created for the market issue though so you would need to shift through to see who has one issue vs the other.

Hello again!

Sorry for the late response. I’ll quote the update I made on the other thread:

Hi again.

I’m sorry, it seems I got mixed up about what is going on with this. Also, sorry for the late response.

The transfer feature is still online but new transfer tokens are not available at the moment. However, the accounts that got the tokens from the first round that was given out should still be able use them.

So, if your account is new or did not log in when the first round of tokens was assigned, unfortunately there is currently no way to issue a transfer token to it, since it never received a token and more tokens are not being issued at this time.

On the other hand, if you had a transfer token from the initial batch that was given out and it disappeared from your account, please post this information so I can escalate this:

  • Character Name
  • World / Region

Thanks for your patience regarding this.

Edit: here’s the official post related to this: [Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens

Hello again.

I unfortunately have to let you know that after checking this the team found that unfortunately this account was not online when the tokens were handed out initially.

That is the reason the token is not available at this time, and new tokens are not being assigned to accounts at the moment.

You can read more about the situation with the tokens in the link I had edited into my previous post: [Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens

Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

you must be kidding.
due to the fact my account wasnt online in the time of free tokens, i am not able to leave the less crowded server (penglai) and select a new one?

i wanted to give new world a new chance and really want to play it…by switching to another server for free (as you mentioned it) and now i am stuck there…, on a dead server with 50 players on it… can’t leave it… well… New World is dead for me now…
one failure follows the other.

you punish players who want to play NW, but can’t because of not receiving a token… well done… not.

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