Transfer Token Replacement

I used a transfer token about 2 weeks ago to leave Maramma and now my new world is going back into Maramma, can I get a refund/replacement token?


I purchased a server transfer to leave Maramma for Heliopolis less than 10 days ago, and now I’ll be going back. I feel I deserve a refund, or a transfer token for the future, or some compensation, for being forced to return in a such a short time.

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In the past, they’ve never offered refunds. :frowning:

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I just transferred a few days ago from MAramma and now y’all sending us back there? LIKE REALLY??? WTF??? $15 WASTED BECAUSE Y’ALL CAN’T STOP TRANSFERING SERVERS AROUND??? THAT’S SOME BS

Maybe it’s time to call it quits if y’all going to keep bending us over like this and constantly bring servers up and then shiut em down, only to bring them up and then shut them down, only to do it again and again and again and again. Just when people get where they want to be, y’all give them the double barrel FU

This constant starting servers up and then shutting them BS is just that, BS.

I think y’all are doing this intentionally, just to suck money out of people not wanting to be on the servers they are FORCED TO BE ON because y’all can’t get your crap together


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Yes, you’re right, but in this case I think these people absolutely have a point though

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@Bitzu @Delakron sorry for tagging but you two are the only two customer service reps I’ve seen

While I know most vetean players saw the merges coming months ago, we cant just ignore the case of those who bough transfers. They should at minimum recieve an equivalent ammout of marks in the store shop. Minimum.

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Hi @Dragvier

(Translated from Portuguese)

I would like to inform you that each New World player account is eligible to receive a free transfer token to transfer your character within the current region.

*Remember: All server transfers are final and we are unable to issue new transfer tokens at this time.”

If you need any other assistance, with all confidence you can contact me and I am at your disposal, you just have to click on the link to get live assistance


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How do we get this token?

Free transfer tokens were given out to users who had characters during November 2021 to February 2022.

If you were, you should have those free transfer tokens in your store. They have said they won’t be doing any mass token waves in the future.

It doesn’t seem like they will refund transfer tokens. See the response here:

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Y’all CAN issue new transfer tokens, y’all just refuse to as you suck the money out of people and then close the servers they transfer to, just so you can get more money from them in new transfers because y’all send them right back to where they come from.

One huge scam being run on the players. Start a new server, get people to transfer, then shut the server down and merge it. Then people have to buy new tokens. Rinse and repeat over and over and over and over. Look at how many times y’all have started new servers, only to shut them down after people transfer. Total scam.

We all know the feedback they ask you to send will be ignored and given a canned response, just like they did above to the feedback they have been given.

and they wonder why so many people leave

So, it’s either quit playing because of the garbage server you left, only to be sent back to or spend yet another $15 to move again to somewhere else. I’ll just quit playing.

This server yoyo game they love to play is for the birds. I’ve never seen a company play server tag like AG does. Start em up, shut em down. start em up, shut em down. start em up, shut em down, start em up, shut em down. In the meantime players are getting screwed over and AG could care less. Just as long as they get their $15

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