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" Q: Are the tokens 1 per account or 1 per character? A: Tokens are one per account. If we find transfers have created an imbalance on particular servers, we can re-issue tokens for those affected. " Hi so I transferred to this server nidavilier and i have joined with my friends but no one wants to pvp anymore and its just making me lose interest it would be nice if i could get a token refund im trying to transfer out of here to more pvp :slight_smile:

Hi @Comfiest

Unfortunately We can not provide a token refund at the moment if the one on the account was already used.

How long ago did you transfer?

i used my first token last year before the scheduled server merges. But almost of my friends quit the game and im playing all alone in my current server, can i have a free token so i can go back to my old server and still play this game with some of my friends in my old server that dont have tokens to still enjoy this game or a payable one? or any update regarding to 2nd wave of tokens? you said that 2nd wave will available within last week of 2021, its already 2022 and still no news about the 2nd transfer tokens.

So many of us waiting for this and they won’t listen. So join the wait man, that’s all we can do.

I’m currently not actively playing this until they make the transfer available, not even sure if im interested enough after that,

So i’m just browsing forums for any updates about it but playing different games for now

Hello @RegretStill,

I’m sorry that your having issues with transfer token and you would like to have a new token so that you can transfer to your desired server.

The new wave of transfer token will be coming but unfortunately we do not have the ETA for the same since a lot of factors need to be considered by our DEVs team.

I will escalate your issue to the team as a feedback and will reply here, once i hear back from them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


i think it was around 2-4 weeks ago, i didn’t really think about it because my friend were there but now they quit because lack of things to do and its hard to stay motivated when nothing happens but waiting for better gear


ok thanks for confirming we get another wave of tokens. Though I doubt there are a lot of new factors to consider since first wave of tokens. What changed besides we have less servers to pick now…?! But maybe you can give some examples. So the waiting time has some reasons :wink:
I dont get it why you just didnt provide 2-3 transfer tokens directly to get over this server mess at launch…
And some ppl didnt even receive ONE token…

This is a PVP heavy server my dude

Good luck getting another one. Last year i asked for another, even thru amazon gaming support chat. They said no…that i need to wait for the 2nd wave

thank you, coz every time i log in to this game, the players i knowed that transfer with me with my current server going fewer and fewer, some of them stop playing this game and no news when or if they will play again this game. That is why sometimes it really frustrating that im the only one left playing this game out of 30+ players that transferred.

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