Transfer Tokens PLEASE

When are they coming back?

I made a poor server choice at the start, since i had no idea and just picked one…

id like to transfer



Good luck I have been asking for over a month, they say they have an issue with transfers but really ? I don’t think they can fix it, I’m thinking they need to higher better programmers!

If you watch the Dev videos or do a forum search this is a DEAD HORSE TOPIC

Dev’s said in the Video “you go find it” There will be no transfer tokens till AFTER the next server mergers and then after some time AFTER that to see how the server population levels out. then they need to do a fix because of game breaking bugs that CAN happen when using the TOKEN.

YA BUT THEY DID’T SAY WHAT YEAR ! and this is not a dead topic !

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When it comes from a Dev exactly what I said. No begging on forums will change that, So DEAD HORSE. You can post"beat" it all you want, not gonna change a thing. SPAM .

SPAM it is then as I’m not stopping till I get a token !

I bet you will with that bot account name. You need to transfer to a busy server to sell all your bot gathered inventory.

LOL you loser that’s not my in-game name did you want to but some of the nuts I gathered today seems like your missing a set :slight_smile:

this game needs a new system in place, the amount of servers and people stuck on them is too much.

just have 1 server per region and have multiple channels on that server so people can finally play the game together, no longer would you be bother to change servers just change form channel 1 to 2 or 3 and be set.
AGS does not understand that even Top servers have have between 500-700 players, majority of servers are practically dead.

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Im pretty much just going to abandon that character. I liked it, I had some fun with it, Id like to have some more fun with it, but the server I am on is low pop, the players are all in the same company, and the map is one territory away from being one color. which means everything cost more and I get crap when I ask for help… for not being the right faction.

luckily its only 170 hours or so… so that means nothing

Can you read? Seems like you can’t. I said account not ingame. Even for a forum account its a bot generic name. If it sounds like one usually means it is one.

1 server per region…LOL Have you tried to gather mats from farming on a server with high pop and bots. Its impossible that’s why Gold sellers sell gold, is or was or will be in demand. Can’t farm mats by gold from sellers by all you need from AH then craft away.

BTW All the good crafting skills cost like 150-200k Gold to get to 200.

If you say I don’t craft I just wanna PVP.

I say then your’re in the wrong game. Go play a full loot PVP game like Albion.

If you start over from scratch. I would never ever do that I would just move on to a different game, Unless you have not done any crafting and or WM score is low. If you are here for PVP you will never be in any PVP that would make a difference. Just be a cannon fodder.

Also don’t make to many characters to check population on servers to quickly. Since NOW we cant see server population anymore. You might get banned for bot behavior.

kiddo, we cant bring the dead to life :smiley:

well, that’s you…

yeah I started over. I asked on reddit (wish I would have done that at the start). got some good suggestions, and using what I learned on my last toon.

I’d liked to have stayed on the first one a while longer, maybe when that server gets merged or they let people switch, I’ll revisit it… or maybe by then I’ll be done with the game and can go back to my reg games…

who know?

it’s what it’s now

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