Transfered server to play with friends but now the server is dead ~200 players during peak

Hello new world staff,

I transferred servers during the first round to be able to play with friends on their small pop like 800ish players server that was active.

The server has now died with less than 200 players being on during active hours.

Is it possible to get another token? My friends and I are kind of stuck on this server as they wont leave me to move until I get another token.

Would you happen to know if server mergers are coming soon also?

Thanks in advance staff!

Very low-pop worlds would actually be viable if Settlement control were entirely out of player hands. The main issue with low-pop worlds is no Company is likely to be able to afford lots of high-tier upgrades in a Settlement. If that were completely dev controlled and independent of population and players, it could work and even be interesting being forced to move around to different settlements occasionally for your crafts.
Queues for instanced things like Outpost Rush would need to be cross-server though, to rustle up enough players.

Imagine a low pop world but surrounded by your helpful friends that play around the same time every day you do. An actually helpful community.

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