Transfers between new servers

I recently decided to play NW with my friends again, and created a new character on a different new server since the new server where my friends started to play again was apparently full. Just a couple of days later, it appears characters can be created again on the servers my friends started to play (wtf?). I still have 2 transfer tokens but I get the message that no transfers are available on new servers. Not even from new to new? When will you enable it? I started with a fresh character but without being able to play with my friends… This makes me want to stop playing again.

Hi @RavenPajarraco, it’s great to have you around! :sparkles:

I’m really sorry to hear about the situation with your character in a different server.

Unfortunatelly, at this time there is no option to character migration to a fresh start server, we don’t know yet when are we going to enable this option but as soon as we change it we’ll update you in our Official News section.

Here you have the FAQ with all the information if you want to take a look on it:

I hope this info clarify your doubts,
Have a great week!

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