Transmog - A Plea against Transmog-Tokens

With Transmog being on the horizon for the Summer Update, I’d really like to adress as early as possible what implications this system might have from a monetization standpoint. Considering their approach to monetizing Gearsets and the fact that their main income is generated by skins, it’s fair to assume that at this point we’re going to see some form of monetization for the transmog system as it’s directly competing with their skin sales. And I’m honestly fine with that.

A lot of rumors of some kind of ‘Transmog-Token’ are circulating, which would mean we would pay X amount of money for a set of amount of items we can then transmog to add to our skin collection (F.e. 10 Bucks for 10 Tokens which can then be used to transmog 10 pieces of gear).

As someone who is really looking forward to this system, I really hope this is not the route AGS is going to take. Transmog should be all about freedom of experimentation and attaching a cost on a per-item basis would really destroy the core idea of being able to mix&match freely, making people consider for each piece if it’s even worth paying for and ultimately limiting options.

I know this might be a hot take, but instead I’d like to see a Subscription based on Transmog, think of it as a Flatrate for Transmog, which makes you pay a set price once that allows you to endlessly mix&match every piece of gear and every weapon you find, a set price to just access the system. This would keep the money flowing but still enable players that love Transmog to really dive deep into the system without restrictions.

In an ideal world I’d also like to see some kind of Collection-System in the UI that shows you all the looks that exist in the game and you can farm all of them over time, with an indication where to find the items that you don’t own, a clear indication which items you already own and an added ‘Sets’ tab that shows us the completed sets in a separate menu. All of that included in one monthly price.

Mockup by @VeNoMz


Transmog should be as easy as paying NPC a few coins to change the look. But then again, so should be the gear sets, yet here we are. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any consumer-friendly system.

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When they monetize a core MMO feature.



Nothing is worse than buying 1 time consumables/tokens.
Like the current dyes in the store, who thought that was a good idea LMAO.


Yeah, 100%. Ultimately I’d love it if they just release it to use for free…

…But we all know they’re going to monetize it unfortunately. I really hope they find a better solution than to sell Tokens for cash that lets us only transmog single items.

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Gearsets and the way they chose to monetize them really started me being concerned about Transmog. It’s a highly anticipated feature that could be completely and utterly ruined if they’re too greedy with their monetization for it.


Transmog as a system should be designed to attract people to purchase outfits, not be monetized itself.

I have been taking a fairly lengthy break from New World. I am curious about this next update (but not really excited) but I do look forward to the summer patch with transmog.

AGS, if you think that you will earn customers and money by charging TO transmog, you are fooling yourself.

Charging to transmog would be no different than charging to place each furnishing item in a home, all it will do is turn people away.

If turning people away is your goal, then carry on.


Just wait what they will do with mounts, probably a regular horse obtainable in the game, all the cool ones in the store.

Same with pets, we can only get 1 pet in game by doing Amrine questline and that’s it. ‘not counting temporary events’

Game literally has 0 collecting, which is a massive part of MMO’s, It’s no wonder that NW lacks replayability and content.


Thats not what he is saying, hes saying that you should be able to pay to unlock everything, other wise you have to craft/acquire it to transmog.

That’s not what I’m saying. You should still have to collect items in the game, but you shouldn’t have to individually pay for each item you want to transmog, but rather just pay X flat amount and can then transmog as many pieces as you want, i,e. buy access to the system. This way I would pay 10€ a month for example and then be able to use and transmog all 300+ items that I have collected over the past year. That’s just one suggestion though if they feel like they have to monetize the system in the first place.

There still quite a bit of time left before we will see their implementation of the system, which is why I wanted to adress the topic as early as possible, as I’m sure they already have a decently clear idea if and how they want to monetize the system. Obviously I’d love it if they choose to not monetize it at all, but I honestly think that’s very unlikely.


the ability to transmog anything you have collected in game should be part of your base game if you buy into their seasons pass thingie. (like isn’t that going to be a monthly fee already?)


Should be free period, the game has been a hot mess since launch and is still in alpha stages content density wise.


exactly transmog should be free no pay wall. you already doing the work by hunting for the gearsets or the costume shouldnt be tied to a pay wall. Dc universe online is free to play has the best transmog system to date and guess what. there transmog system is completely free and built into the core mechanic of the game. this shouldn’t even be brought up by brining this up the owner of this thread has already put the idea of a payed transmog system into there heads. GG don’t get mad if it turns payed.

I wouldn’t put the blame on Bradley.
back when I made the entire transmog design ‘almost a year ago’, UI, lore, price discussion, people were already bringing up paying for this core feature.

Little do they know that pay-walling it, will straight up kill the entire game.
I’m not exaggerating either, most devs don’t take in account the psychological effects.

I took a lot of thought into the design, but I guess the higherup suits want to swim in quick cash, while killing the game long-term.

Continuing the discussion from Transmog System - Interfaces - NPC - integrated Dyes:

Gearsets should also be free as it is a basic QoL feature, yet they only throw us a bone and let us pay for the rest in the most scummy, predatory way.

As gamers we‘d love everything to be free, so do I with the Transmog system. But if we‘re realistic here for just a moment, it‘s very likely they‘re going to monetize it in some form as it directly competes with their skin sales. And that‘s why I opened this thread, to create a discussion around the topic and offer possible solutions.

Maybe the devs look into this thread, see everybody wants it to be free and reconsider, maybe they don‘t. But we have to talk about it if we want to influence it while it‘s still in the design process.

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Remember when they announced the store? they said, store skins will be unique and a casual style for roleplayers, something very different from in-game obtainable cosmetics.

They still have viable ways to monetize and if keep your players happy they are willing to support.

  • Season Pass
  • Gearsets | OMEGALUL
  • Make good skins | people will pay
  • Emotes | 3 obtainable in game emotes outside of events - PVP TRACK 200
  • Housing | Looks like these seem to make bank
  • Pets | 1 obtainable in game outside of events - Barkimedes, Amrine Expedition
  • Camps | 1 obtainable in game outside of events - Furnishing 200
  • Tools | 0 obtainable in game
  • Musical Instruments | 0 obtainable in game outside of events
  • Dyes :skull: | Make them permanent, it’s a scam right now
  • Company Crests | 0 obtainable in game
  • Character Transfer

Could be added

  • Expansions
  • Mounts
  • Character Name Change?

The Question is

Would they rather have a healthy population base and make the same amount of money, or go full greed, have a dead game and a handful of whales with the company name AGS being damaged.

I made a thread about loadouts the moment I heard AGS mention them. Instead of doing what they should have and making a system like ESO alphagear, they decide to monetize.

Charging customers for QoL a quick way to lose customers. This is another reason they don’t allow add-ons.

Think they will go for something like say 10 transmog for season lvls +10 for season pass +x for direct pay and buy from store

Maybe 10 is more or less than the number we will get but in the end i strongly think this is how it will be implemented

Valid concern. PTR already proves that AGS is ok with P2C (which is ok-ish as far as game’s future is concerned), but it feels bad from consumer POV considering how little convenience there is in NW to begin with.

We must keep in mind that some QoL requests from 2021 are still not fulfilled whilst some MMOs have them since what feels like forever.

Cash grabbing should be subtle. The moment it is tied to what is considered a market standard (and to some people as an essential feature) is when things go south. Especially if you want to take some players from other, more established MMOs that have these features for free.

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