Transmog system

We need a transmog system, but not a generic one.

Trasnmog items should match their own category (If you wear heavy armor you can only transmog those itens into another heavy armor and so on)

You can only transmog an item you already have and its binded to you.

Glowing blue weapons and undesired looks feels terrible in a aesthetic point of view.


Is a very nice option that a lot of people want the Transmog system like WoW
The ability to change the look of your gear in game with other gear you have of the same type
is like sometimes you get some gear with high gear score but the old ones you have are amazing look and you get disappointed and the store atm doesn’t have a lot to offer
Please add this option even if is a paid function.

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I second this. I understand the pay store is transmog, but some free basic stuff would be great at least. My toon looks stupid.

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100% this. Please just add collectable sets for every wearable in the game.

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