Transmoging Options

I am really disappointed in the transmorging system. In all the games I’ve played I could use the skin of something I picked up ingame even if its my own weight armor. To have it strictly behind a paywall is beyond greedy as this is not a free to play game. As with other games if I really like whats in the shop I will buy it. As I’m a female (remember us) some female armor would be really appreciated.


I totally agree , I have had to wear some darn ugly armour and I just dont like the fact that the look of a piece of armour I like is just lost because I have to upgrade. Lower levels actually get some nice looking armour, get to lvl 20 and above and its just plain ugly and I am not even that impressed with the paywall ones.
No capes in game which I find strange. Most of the armour I get to choose from now is BROWN and its too expensive at the minute to keep dying items .
I would not have thought that being able to transmog the skin of an item u have already owned and worn would be that hard . Yes I am female too !


Yeah, there are certainly a lot of features regarding gear management and customization missing from what you’d expect to see. I think they might eventually add transmog for all gear, but it does the cut into their expected profits for skin purchases. :slightly_frowning_face: So it’s really a question of if they want the players to be happy or if they want to make money. I think transmoging your gear to one of the same gear class could be an option, but it does ruin the specialty of seeing unique armors and other characters with unique rare pieces.

Instead of transmog, I would prefer more dye nodes so dyes are easier to farm and thus more cheaper. So you can customize your gear at a fairly low price, especially considering how fast you replace items as you level. It makes no sense to dye gear until you are near or at max level as you’ll keep those for a lot longer so they’d be worth dying for 80-200g/item which is the going price per dye. Maybe they should make dyes more like a resource so higher tier gear uses more and increase the nodes so 1 unit would be enough and cheaper for lower level gear than max. You’d be willing to pay a higher price for more permanent gear anyway. That way gatherers and crafters can still make profit on dye making as the nodes are very spread out and don’t drop much per node. Dye purchasing will slow down at max levels because they won’t need dye after they have a stable set where they might change a piece every now and then. They could even make the transmogs require dye too if they add it so dyes will always be needed in high demand then. I think dyes are going to be a staple market item with high prices, especially given the scarcity of the nodes and people will camp them on timers so they can control the release on the market. If a color becomes very popular and sought after then those nodes will be camped all day.

There needs to be more gear sets in the lower levels too, it really looks like everyone wears the exact same gear until about the teens when they start choosing weapons and going for stats. Also the light PVP gear is terrible looking compared to the medium and heavy which look much coolor. Another option off of transmog would be to have maybe 2 or 3 small variations on that base armor, so like adding a cape, changing textures, or adding small flourish accessories. That way even people in the same armor can still look unique. Obviously, that would require much more art to be made for the game and that would take away from skins they could sell you for the armor that you don’t like to look at lol.

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I’d love to have transmog feature for sure. The skins from Prime Gaming and the in-game shop are well and good, but a lot of them just don’t fit for my characters.
Not being able to dye them doesn’t help…

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Easy solution is do what GW2 does and have an item in the shop that let’s you use an item you already own as a skin. FF14 does the same thing. I and many others would pay for such an item


This has already come up a bunch, so I’m hoping AGS really picks up on it. I agree completely.

I want to be able to keep the appearance of my faction armor, or any other cool armor, when I upgrade.

As for the faction armor, I deliberately earned it for the look. There is plenty of armor out there that is better. But I avoid upscaling out of my faction armor as long as I can


Actually I have played Gw2 for 7 years and u can get transmog item just by playing the game. I have over 100 of them. Gw2 has the best overall system of any game Ive ever played in 20 years. Just the fact that all crafting mats have a place of there own is so great.


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