Hello developers and thank you for the efforts to keep the game peeking our interest.

I do have a point I believe been made before .

The way storage in each town and if you need items’ from a particular settlement you need to travel there. then if you are crafting you need to find a settlement that has the right level crafting stations to make the item you want .

This is so grind intense a lot folks keep complaining that’s why with the new update there is talk of reducing the Azeroth cost . Please look at centralising our stashes so we can access items no matter what camp we in . And this is being done now if company owns 2 towns just its very expensive to move items between towns .

If we own homes maybe having home crafting stations and more expensive homes with banking facilities’ and Company banking facilities’.

Please cut out this damn running around it is just a time sink and is no fun at all


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