Trolling in invasions

It’s already really difficult to win invasions with only 10 hand-picked people and the rest are random.

That difficulty becomes much more difficult when people place mines where they shouldn’t be. And they will, because they’re randoms and you can’t guarantee they’ll join the discord and/or listen to instructions.

That difficulty turns into impossibility when people troll and pick up repair parts and not use them.

I suggest that repair parts should only be given to people who can modify the roster, that way nobody can take repair parts unless they’re deemed to be dedicated repair person.

So far we just have to hope we’re guessing right when people take repair parts and put them on a list of “instant kick”


Your problem is trolling players; mine is trolling companies.

From my side? Companies on my server deliberately kick everyone who isn’t part of their company. Regardless of if they have a full roster or not, they kick to make sure that other players do not gain any rewards from invasions.

I agree that companies should have more than those 10 players; but they already have way too much power right now. Just as players can troll in invasions, so can companies.

The best solution is to completely separate settlement control from Companies and have Wars and Invasions have zero effect on Settlements.
Just make them another instanced game mode like Outpost Rush.

Trolling players will be slightly better than AFK-ing players in Outpost Rush.
So-called Trolling Companies would no longer exist since there is no Settlement that is “theirs” to “ensure” that they have a coordinated defense. No reason to kick anyone signed up on the Roster.

Then scale rewards according to how many waves are cleared. When players get the chance to play enough they’ll figure out what’s the best way to do what. Or just watch a Youtube guide.

Completely separating Settlement control from players has numerous benefits. Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements

Mine is kicking people from the invasion if we’re not 60. Bad behavior.

I’ll read that in a second but the first obvious problem with that is that the world will get fully upgraded and then upgrading will become a non-issue, which is why the invasions are so hard in the first place.

That’s also an issue, yeah, but there are plenty of threads about that already. We just ran our own and welcomed everyone, but then we ran into issues of trolls taking all the repair parts and not doing anything with them.

Why would it be? The devs would control settlement faction ownership and upgrade tiers. If they want people to move around (and they should) they’d mix up the upgrade tiers, scattering the tier 5s from week to week.

I think there might be a separate issue at work here.
Players have long reported that Invasions are simply too hard.
Those “trolls” may actually be trying to end the invasion faster because they think it’s a lost cause and just want to get the payout sooner.
Like Outpost Rush AFK-ers, only more actively throwing the match. (Which is not to say that deliberate trolling isn’t also an underlying reason).

Invasion logic for downgrades - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

Then they can go ahead and run their own town and realize upgrades are the biggest gold-sink in the game. It’s expensive and we might as well try as hard as possible to try to keep it.

Regardless of reason, it is becoming an issue and something needs to be done about it.

You really want to kill the game that fast?
Why would anybody play?

What we have now is killing the game. Why would anyone play?

Settlement control in the hands of players is the common denominator of a lot of problems.
Taking it away solves a lot of those problems automatically.

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