Trophies are bugged, here's my experience

Today I went to go craft a rotation of void gauntlets when I realized after all my Arcanist gear/earrings/foodbuffs/townbuff were on, that it was reading I could only craft 575-600. I couldn’t not for the life of me figure out why it would only allow me to roll so low until someone messaged me stating that 575-600 is what the roll would show if no trophies were applied. I go to my WW house where this crafting was taking place and remove/replace my arcana trophy to then discover the potential GS rose. I then traveled to each of my other houses to repeat this process, while also removing and replacing my luck trophies (just incase). Returned to WW and bam, I was able to roll 595+ again.

What’s up with things not working as intended? Is this going on with monster/chest luck as well? I just want concrete answers…


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