Trophy idea + armor management

With how annoying it can be to switch between trophies (you have to go to your house, switch between trophies, then go back to what you were doing) is there any chance we can simply have it where you place all the trophies, and switch between them on the fly out in the world?

Also would be nice if we could have wardrobes in your inventory for different armor sets. I.E. Harvesting, Mining, tanning, armoring, etc. Where we just push a button and it puts the correct set on (as long as its in your inventory)


Yes to both of these so hard.

It speeds up the pace of switching activities so hard. Add a quick equip button to the wardrobe sets.

Being able to place all trophies, and change active ones from anywhere would be nice, and has been asked for a lot.

For harvesting, and crafting gear sets. I would take it a step further, let us display them in houses and have them function while displayed, without even having to equip them. Just the gathering bonus, or crafting bonuses, minus the stat, or armor boosts of course.

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This must be the 50th post on the subject. Here’s the one I like best:

With English translation.

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Great idea you have here agradeleous, I will go ahead and forward it up to the Dev team so they can take a look. Have a great day!

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