Trophy limit of 5 units

May i know whats the reason behind to limit to only 5?

Says i wanted to do some expeditions, but couldnt find laz Mutation so i do dynasty instead, i’ll have to TP to each house to change trophy

Also if i plan for gathering trip and setup all the gathering trophy then see someone LFM in expedition that i feeling want to join, i’ll have to TP back each home to place the right trophy before starting

This is plain tedious, since we cant place same trophy twice in a house why want to limit to only 5 piece?


Now that the newer expeditions have multiple enemy types (Enn for example, Ancient and Corrupt), the next QoL improvement should be to expand trophy’s to at least 8. Preferably more.

Constantly swapping trophys is stupid and a pain in the arse. We are already constantly swapping sets.


Why 8? Since each trophy does different thing why not allow us have each of them in a house?

Upping to 8 it would reduce some tedius but still u’ll need to swap (for crafter), which is quite pointless?

Did i missed out anythibg?


Here are all my major trophies : Harvesting / Gathering / Mining / Logging / Lost / AE / Corrupted / Anxcient / Armoring / Enginering / Weaponsmitng / Luck. This shit is so much a pain to switch. Makes t1 house hold 5 trophies but we should have at least 8-9 trophies for a t4 house , it make no sense to me and no logical reasoning behind this ? Just let us put all trophies , who cares ?


Oh I agree with you. 8 was just a number that I personally felt I could live with vs no change at all.

make it a hosue perk tied to the teir…

teir 1 5 trophies
teir 2 7trophies
teir 3 9 trophies
teir 4 12 trophies

or something. more benefits btw the housing levels


So we can waste Azoth and time to teleport around, to change them every time :rofl:
Hope they add trophy loadouts or just add more slots soon. Or at least to give us the ability to change them from anywhere


Load out of trophy or allow changes anywhere is definately an improvement, but why not just allow all trophy at once in a house, since they are not stackable and all provide very different bonus


If they allowed us to place all our trophies and from our bio screen allow us to set the active ones I think that would work out ok.


define “not stackable” :rofl:
there have been so many bugs and exploits with trophies that you never know

but yeah, would be cool if they allow more trophies in the houses. those loading screens to change them, are killing me

Of course i have no idea how many bugs are there but we kind of grow accomodate with it already

But my question is from design point of view, why cap at 5?

Its a sandbox game please do what u like oh but before doing so please tp to 3 houses to set the trophy right and redo if u feeling want to do something else

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I would rather see them up the efficiency of the trophies so you simply don’t need 3 of each and make them no longer stackable across households.

Just let us buy more houses. Keep the only three of each trophy limit but let us buy as many houses as we are willing to pay for to increase trophy slots.


Why buy more houses to pay more housing upkeep taxes per house? That’s not conducive for players. The ability to increase the amount of trophies displayed per House Tier is ideal. Just increasing the amount of houses players can buy isn’t.

I would rather much have the ability to keep the current houses I have but have the ability to increase trophy limits. Players with 20k houses fill it 95% for decorations to make it “look pretty” yet 5% is only meant for Trophies/Storage. Trophies give the players the additional benefits, all the shiny things don’t, it’s just for looks for a player to call it “home” I suppose. Hopefully, in 2023 Road Map we’ll see a increase of the amount of trophies we’re able to display in houses.

Limit of 5 trophies is fine, it’s just so tedious to keep going to all your houses and keep changing them all day long.
What they should is allow you to place all the trophies you want but have like a page/house menu where you select the 5 active ones, bim bam boom few clicks you got your buffs up ez


Let me please just place ALL of my trophies at the same time. There is no interesting or engaging aspect in choosing which trophies to place and overall it simply adds a ton of friction for people that enjoy all types of content.


It would actually be a nice visual incentive to Housing decorations to be able to line up all your trophies, put them by type in different room, in short, use them in an enjoyable way to make your own little museum :wink: as housing is supposed to be !

How many of you got turned away from jumping into a specific activity? like fishing, gathering, even dungeon because you had to:

  1. Make sure you got the proper trophies placed
  2. Got your gear in bags with spares in case u need to fight or whatever
  3. You got proper consumables ready

All of these consume at least 15mn to check/setup, before the big INHALING required to jump into Storages/Inventory to find what you look for. Let me sort by weight, no wait, for this it’s better by GS, no wait it was by tier, or no no no I used it recently let’s sort by time… Ok fuck it I ll check TP and log out…

I ll say it again, the game is an visual masterpiece sandbox to which many of us are addicted by time commitment and FOMO but is nowhere acceptable in its current QOL feature and technical state otherwise…

Or there is a option to select the active trophies via the character window. That would be enough for me too

You still have to hang the trophies in the house but you can only have 5 active trophies.

I think this would reduce the programming effort.


While you are at that, do allow choice to have automated debit for the house rent. It’s annoying to keep having reminders.

yep, this