Trophy materials and limit for houses

Im going to start with the drop rate for these legendary mats to make Major Combat’s are worse than the mats to make Major crafting buffs. At least with the crafting buffs you can get them from the abundance of chests. But the ones to make the combats only drop from 1 guy. Can we at least get one out of the two or even both?

  1. Increased drop chance for Combat and Crafting

  2. The materials to make these are so scarce that when we do get them and craft the trophies we’re only allowed 5 in the house at a time, increase to where we can have one of each trophy in each house?

Im tired of slaving for trophies only to have to go around swapping them out when I want to do something that requires a trophy thats not already slotted in my house/houses.

Also, fix the luck in the game for how luck is supposed to work, spent 2 and a half hours fighting ‘The Surgeon’ for a Ancient Mandible only to not have recieved a single drop. But some rando comes running through kills it once and then dips after getting it…

Not to mention the guy only spawns every 6-7 minutes, so spent most of my time with my thumb up my ass. At least when going for the Corruted Totem while fighting ‘The Pit Lord’ you have orichalcum you can gather while you wait for the respawn.

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