Trophy stacking BUG

Respectful community management:

I don’t know if you guys have noticed that there are currently trophy BUG issues in Australian servers 。They use individual houses to stack trophies on top of each other,Make gear with GS score 600-600 directly 。It seriously breaks the game balance。What I know so far is that Australian servers have this problem。This BUG is critical to the survival of the game. Please pay attention!

We are aware - thank you.


happened on every server, everywhere.
people abuse everything they can. kinda sad


whoa ! BAN THEM ALL ! @Luxendra


@Luxendra If AGS dont start perma banning EVERYONE involved in this kind of things, this WONT stop. Every single minimal exploit is taken to the extreme and ppl are not getting banned or getting banned for a couple of days. Also a list of ppl banned could be HUGE. So ppl know that there are consequences and who are the ppl taking part in this kind of things.

Stop this slap on the wrist thing, u already lost thousands and thousands of player because of duping, make ppl have FEAR to exploit anything. Without risk ppl ill keep doing this every single time.


Very disappointing to hear that this was able to happen. For legit. crafters who spend tons of resources to get 600s, this is disheartening. I disagree with the title that this is a “bug.” If this is true and people are doing it, it is a deliberate means of cheating. No person casually stumbles across a “bug” that allows them to put up multiples of the same trophy in one house. And anyone who actively decided to engage in this should have their ill-gotten crafts confiscated/deleted, and possibly some other sort of disciplinary penalty.


They’re already patching it. It’s clearly an exploit and they’ve already stated people will be punished.

I just hope that the illegitmate crafts are deleted, as well.

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They did in the past.

Honestly heard someone say… “If it’s only a one or two day ban… I’m gonna do it.” Hopefully the punishment is more severe.

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Considering they haven’t done it yet, it’s impossible to know. They said yesterday that they are taking it seriously, so I imagine that people who abused it would get severe punishments.

I hope they can track all the cheaters because who knows how long this has been going on. Since last patch the other day or last weeks patch. They could have made 100’s of 600 GS items and moved them around to alts of alts etc. If you can’t trace from A-D then it will do nothing. Ban A - B but C & D are still filthy rich in items.

You would think it would take more than 90mins to trace and ban,

If they were to delete/confiscate the illegimate crafts (and do not return the resources to the cheaters), for users/groups of users who spent thousands of legendary resources to craft them, I feel like losing all of those resources would almost be the worst form of punishment in some ways. :open_mouth:

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Rollback legal players won’t lose anything cheaters lose everything. AGS bans the cheaters 2 weeks doesn’t get them all and 1000’s of GS 600 items are sitting on Alt accounts slowly making them to TP to sell over time. AGS says we got them all :slight_smile:

The Items are still available…

if u dont resolve that for me the game loses his fun of grinding. I only beg for justice not to punish the players who did it.

This is disheartening. I thought we were finally past this kind of game-breaking nonsense.

They said only a FEW HUNDRED accounts abused it. Maybe Making hundreds of 600 GS Items ====Tens of thousands of items to track. How long has this been going on till “the cat is out of the bag”? They won’t say that, Economy is ruined again. As the population was going up AGS dropped the ball.

May the ban hammer raise from the heavens above and smite the dupers and stackers all with the grace of justice.

someone already posted a screen shot of the ban. 7 hours.