Trophy Suggestion-Variety option -One piece with slots

A second option for trophies in house, besides the regular single trophy.

Panel trophy display with 16 slots for trophies
Each empty slot has a embossed/flat icon showing what trophy will fit there.
One panel allowed per house.
To upgrade, Panel goes into inventory, trophy can be removed, upgraded and inserted back into into the correct slot on the panel. (shrink 3d object to fit into trophy slot)
Crafted at furniture station

1.)To save housing space
2) Allow players to have all 16 trophies in a house.
3) Remove annoyance of shuffling trophies in and out of inventory/chests/house display
Allows player to see at a glance what trophies they lack, could have.

Future considerations:
Players being players, can have different sized panels with 2/3/etc. slots for their decoration needs/desires.
This would be more complex and expand furniture options/creation.

  1. Panels have numbers (2, 3 etc) empty named icons to fit the trophies in furniture shop.
  2. Creator is given given choice of icons to insert into panel.
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