Tropical looking, colorful turkey, which requirred 130 skinning, help!

i was randomly questing in cutlast keys, near rusty spoon camp, ran by the camp form the east, where i saw a colorful tropicla looking turkey taht i needed 130 skinning to harvest it, cant find anything about this actally existing after googling around

Was willst denn wissen?

NewWorld-Wiki: Diese bunten tropisch aussehenden truthahn und man nichts über dieses aktiv existierende finden wurde in den ersten Azoth Räuschen der früheren Bewohner Aeternums von eben jenen bemalt.

All the birds in the game are turkeys with different skins, EXCEPT for the actual turkeys. There’s nothing special about them.

Hey andynorlinz,

I have moved your thread to the English general discussion section (you posted in the German forum).

Once come across one of those random pigs on the farms, killed it and it said I needed 45 skinning.

thanks, didnt know i was in german forum

So, a peacock?

They are just reskinned turkeys. They have the exact same loot pool as turkeys. You aren’t missing much by not being able to skin them yet. They’re just the “turkeys” of higher level zones, and one probably got lost.

ah, gotcha, thanks for clearing it up

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