True legendary weapons

Just thinking out loud and opening up a conversation regarding some potential end game content and motivation suggestions.

True legendary weapons

Only BIS weapons have the potential to be truly legendary, these would have to start off with BIS attributes and could be determined by the combination when rolled during crafting.

Weapon attributes that make the weapon have a true legendary weapon potential would be BIS combos, three complimentary weapon attributes and perks that would make the weapon truly amazing. This adds a new meta to the weapon - a True Legendary Potential score.

How they are created and what the attributes are that determine this status would have to be defined in an attribute/perk combo table.

Crafters that craft/roll a weapon that has the BIS attributes with a true legendary potential score receive an achievement. The crafters ID could be maintained with the weapons meta throughout giving the crafter some credit towards a crafting status.

Maybe even roll these weapons with a GS of 625, but they require extra resources which are rare and can only be acquired from crafting or farming high level materials, event participation or elite chests or expedition chests. Possibly even give weapon schematics drops with a very high chance to roll with a True Legendary Potential score on creation. Increasing the value of these schematics.

625 - 650 weapon levelling and naming

Deciding what factors increase the weapon GS could be the number of final blow kills the weapon has on each 60+ named boss, as each final blow kill then ups the GS from 625 to the true legendary status of 650 at which point the weapon can be named.

Once the weapon reaches level 650 it can be transferred and or sold but the weapon can be lost on death to high level bosses and special types of PVP duels, (you know the ones that you have planned to be spectated with… 1v1 arena matches…more on this later).

Each named boss kill and duel win adds to the weapons status meta and possibly even increases attributes.

Truly Legendary Weapon ownership

Can be freely sold or traded by the creator. Or the owner, but only after the weapon stats/GS has been increased by the current owner increasing its legendary meta, which requires effort, and or, skill.

Lost to high level named bosses on respawn death and added to that bosses loot table, so the weapon can be reclaimed or farmed from this boss in the future, maybe even a Rafflebones drop!

Lost in PvP legendary duels

Player renown

Player renown only gained while wielding a truly legendary weapon.
Player renown is built up in 1v1 legendary arena duels.
Player renown is gained or lost on the outcome of a legendary area dual.
Player renown is gained or lost on the outcome of a named boss fight.
Player renown contributes to that player’s territory standing and company ranking.
Company ranking determines a Company Champion status and provides a title achievement

High stake legendary duels

These duals could be notified the same as wars are and can be spectated and possibly even speculated and waged on. (staking/waging opens up a whole new option to be investigated)
The basic prize rules of these legendary duels can be pre determined by the individual instigator, or possibly by a company, who enters their champion.

Legendary duels between company champions could even play for company territory ownership regardless of faction. Opening up the potential to oust a stale or unpopular governor.

This I feel would give level 60+ players something to work towards or farm for.

I am actually surprised that True Legendary weapons or items in general aren’t mentioned more in the forums.

But in all honesty… Most people as of now are decked in sudo “legendary” gear. To me this legendary gear doesn’t feel well… all that legendary.

Legendary gear should be gear that is hard to obtain. I mean the game has legendary weapon quests that are kind of moot…

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