Tryhards is good for NW

Good people.

I hope you all read and understand me and I would like to know your opinion but I think that after playing 1200 hours and having all the GS at 590 I think that the next patch is something very good but it needs changes.

First of all, I am sorry if my English is not very good, but I think it is understood.

Do you remember when in NW the luck rose to + 30% in collection if you put the pvp? It was a fucking decision to assimilate because people never activated pvp and with that drastic change it was possible that a lot of people activated it.

Now comes an important change which has to call everyone to make mutated dungeons if they want to improve, but I think the improvement has to be more radical. Because we are seeing that items with GS615 with improvements of 0.2% I think that if a gs600 piece gives 25 DEX or INT a GS625 piece with how difficult it will be to get it should give 35 main stat and 40 weapons. And then if Enchanted gs600 gives 9.6% that of 625 should give 15% I know that it can be difficult to assimilate but I am getting people to equip themselves with a very decent equipment for less than 10k gold and that they can face against people of BIS parts I think that There has to be a very substantial superiority between people with BIS 625 objects to people with GS595 casual gear.

On the other hand now comes new mechanics for the mutated tier dungeons something, and I think that the item bar would have to double from 4 items to 8 items in the quick access bar.

And things like a dpsmeter, and agrometer comes in very handy to know how we are progressing in this type of dungeon.

I read you both in English and answers in Spanish. Thanks for reading me.

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