Trying to find a reason to play melee in pvp

Aside from crazed fights where nub ranged players rushes in and ga wh is useful idk. Try open world pvp, duels or against any good team and its disheartening. Light armor can literally dip mid fight and never be seen again, never played an mmo before where you could do that lol. Heck not even just la, medium can as well.

So many weapons and only like 1 or 2 viable top pvp options. The vg ig meta atm is insane. even without vg ig spike doing stupid numbers. Id love to see an overall weapon and armor balance like other mmos have set up. I loved esos armor system, each class from light to heavy was unique without being op or uncatchable.

Overall better mobility options for everyone I think would be awesome. Not saying ranged shouldn’t be mobile, I just want the CHANCE to catch them. Charge, fleche, get good whatever you wanna say, they wanna leave they can, good player or not lol. Roll roll fleche, wait 2 sec roll, gone.

Tldr: game need overall balance pass on armor and weapons and better mobility options for everyone.


its not even a meta. its an exploit.

yeah its disheartning but just gotta wait. im seriously hoping that

  1. bugs and bots patch goes off well (please god not this shit again)
  2. march will be PVP month with new PVP content and hopefully a proper evaluation into pvp combat balance.

fix the bugs
fix the perks
fix the fucking amber

then worry about balance.

you cant balance based on crap foundation.


You summed it up well. Short and to the point lol way better than my rant. I just wanna be able to play weapons that are meant to combo together and have a chance. My poor sns.

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sns needs serious work for pvp.

its primary function of aggroing cannot be done in PVP

only pve.

give it a commander style AOE ring arena to keep people from running and we can talk about sword and board pvp.

between reap, grav well, path of destiny, shockwave also bloodlust with the GA i can never understand the complaining if the evade out of the well you pull them back in with reap. i LOVE melee pvp maybe just work on your builds and get perks on your gear.
edit: Maeltstrom also has a pull thats like 5-6 dif ways to pull in or stun /root your opponent use them

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That would be amazing, a slow ring. You need to send that idea in. Would make sns viable aside from lunge then bash. Whats the deal with amber?

Yeah no, againest good pvpers thats not happening lol. I can use one of 3 abilities in my build to get out of grav, easily dodge reap and once charge is over im out. Reap rarely lands. Shockwave is a 2 sec joke and bl doesn’t matter after a couple rolls.

slow ring. or even the purple ghost stun ring. (make it a perk)
you could try to dodge out of it but you still will get stunned.

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would love to duel you, you roll twice , i POD stagger you and gain bloodlust distance theres a way for me to outplay every class cant prove me wrong or i wait for grav well make you waste your rolls with hammer abilities throw well when you run out of stamina pull back with reap after you evade cant roll no stamina man there are ways

Everything ga wh has is predictable and avoidable. Not saying its horrible just the reality of it. I run it in wars or opr as a nub killer on occasion.

Also you didn’t even consider what weapons someone is using lol you only adding rolls. Add in fleche or any other options and your 2 sec Shockwave isn’t doing much.

i dont think u watched the video, the amount of desync the ig gives is insane like they can disable the trading post but wont disable the wep until its fixed like whut

I’ll be real i didn’t, last link I hit on here took me to oblivion.

reuploaded to youtube so you should see it now, this is what melee players have to deal with

Watched it, my b man. Yeah thats a huge issue for sure.

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Just watched a war from a bow/rapier pov. He didnt die once in the whole war. Any time anyone got close to him he just rapiered away turned and was right back at doing damage. It’s insane how unbalanced this is. And AGS wont acknowledge the broken mess that is their PvP combat. There are so many bow users on the forums controling the ‘vote’ when it comes to balance. They got the GA gutted a few months ago and AGS wont fix it.


Absolutely, I get it make ranged mobile. Got it, just give melee a chance at catching them at least lol. Anyone who pvps on the regular and is being honest sees this and knows this. Ga, people ran it so much and still do bc its one of our only options with a good gap closer. The lunge distance imo was needed as it put pressure on ranged. Before im burned here I run sns main with either spear or hatchet. Problem is that people judge pvp at low tier pvp not top players. Therefore ga kills bad players nerf ga, causing gap at top tier to widen even more.

Genuinely curious, but why do you think an AoE zone control melee build should have anywhere remotely close to even odds against a ranged duelist build while chasing them in an open space?


Exactly, people fail to understand that not every build is made to thrive in any context. For example, take a team of 2-3 GA/WH users with a healer, they are literally invincible with CC chains and a lot of damage mitigation and lifestealing, perfect to control a spot. That’s how they should play.

But no, let’s 1v1 a dex player in an open space and then cry about the light roll, oh they so fast, oh they can hit from far away, like dude they are glass cannons, it’s exactly what they do.