Tuning Orb Suggestions

Suggestions for tuning orbs.

  • Add repeatable questlines or more questlines that allow for more tuning orbs.
  • Decrease the price of creating a tuning orb.
  • Decrease the cooldown for making tuning orbs (especially Laz)
  • Make tuning orbs tradeable!!!

Feel free to add/remove/adjust suggestions :grin: :grin: :grin:


Honestly the only thing that needs changing in regards to tuning orbs is the timers, the rarity and drop rate of slivers from corruption caches and making every aspect of the orb tradable. Problem would be solved and the community wouldn’t have anything to moan about. It should be limited to 1 per day crafting, it’s a grind and a half to get 1.


Agreed :grin:

Tuning orbs were a good idea on paper, extremely poorly implemented.

Personally id say:

  2. Link them to mutations/hardcore modes
  3. Link mutations Directly too turning orbs.


Legendary Lucky Amrine Orb of the Rotting Ones

Bumps a run to lev 63
increases drop rate to lev 63
increases luck
Makes all Foes rotting, rotting foes deal the rotting debuff ect ect more hp, vulnerability to fire, ect ect

Turning orbs have a place in the game if done well.

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MAKE THEM TRADEABLE!!! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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