Tuning Orb/Dungeon suggestions

Hey all I just read in a Dev blog on Reddit that there are plans for Tuning Orb updates to make them more accessible. I think that’s great since the endgame Dungeons are exciting and fun, but practically impossible to run for meaningful gear upgrades since you can realistically only run each dungeon a handful of times until you and your friends run out of Orbs.

My suggestion is; Leave the Tuning Orbs as they are, but instead just make the Dungeons accessible without them. Introduce Hard Mode/Heroic versions of every dungeon for lvl 60’s (yes including the leveling dungeons) that require Tuning Orbs to access. Take the materials for Tuning Orbs away from corrupted portals and move them to enemies inside the regular dungeons (maybe leave one piece for portals).

This would open up a huge amount of content for players to grind and a much more enjoyable/reliable way to increase our HWM. Sitting in Myrkgard for the last 2 weeks has not been the most fun gaming experience I’ve had. Please let us spam dungeons.

Thanks for reading.

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