Tuning Orbs Are BS

Moving on to LA. GS grind + Expertise grind + Tuning orbs. AGS should just require players to pay a “tax” to do dungeons. Might as well since you have to pay to play in dungeons unless you want to progress very very slowly. At its core this is a PvP game and PvP is fast paced. If there was a race between a rabbit, a turtle, and a NW player… the turtle could win multiple times over before the player ever gets close to the finish line.


No, you don’t have to.
You choose to.

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Guess you didn’t read the full statement

Alternative Scenario:
“Someone is pointing a gun at you and tells you to give them your money”
“You hand over your money”

And here comes @gulch1969

No, you don’t have to.
You choose to.


I did say unless you want to progress very slowly. So yeah, you can do it without gold but it will take exponentially longer to up your gear.

You’re exactly right. Because you should have been carrying your own gun to defend yourself. You chose not to, therefore you chose to hand over your money.
Unarmed and helpless is unarmed and helpless.

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I did.


Murrican logic


Yeah well, with Murrican logic, I still have my money and you don’t.

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I think considering your healthcare costs if you get shot in a duell, i am the person with more money and a longer life :slight_smile:

You never heard of Aesop ? Off course the tortoise wins.

Btw you want to play Lost Ark, a korean hack and slash where grind is the core gameplay.
And as far as i’ve read. There is a fee to enter dungeons/instances

But yeah orbs are a bad design. But you don’t bring anything with your arguments. Just look at others post on the subject and how they try to explain why/how to improve this bad design

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False choice. If you don’t pay, then you can’t do expeditions and there is nothing else worth doing.

You want to do expeditions → you have to pay

Only choice is not doing expeditions.

You are 100% wrong.
If you want to do expeditions, you have choices.
Join a company… get 4 other people to play with you and form a solid team.
Go to the Recruitment channel… advertise for a few people that are the same play style as yours… form your own company.
Use all of your guy’s orbs… wait for it… for free!
I’ve never once paid for an expedition. I’ve used my orbs and yet still kept running expeditions without paying for them.
Gee, I guess I chose not to pay.

Lets ask 100 random expedition runners if they had to pay for running expeditions. Seeing as I see paid expedition runs, constantly, I bet the number would be close to 90%.

Your fantasy choices has no basis in reality, for most people, it consists of maybe 10% of the playerbase who constantly have a perfect pre-made team to run with at all times.

But I am not surprised that you are defending tuning orbs and timegates. You seem to defend everything in this game which other people have issues with.

You’re trying to hard to avoid the truth.
They may have paid, but they CHOSE to pay.
What part of my explanation isn’t getting thru to you?

No, I just call people out on their b.s. and you don’t like it.

do you know what this guy should have been banned from this forum because of this comment. if you are playing to game accept to progress and if you want to progress yes you have to

And that is a choice they made.
They can choose to find their own pre-made but they choose not to for some odd reason. And the result from that choice is they are left with only their orbs to run. So then they choose to pay for more runs.

And here comes the cancel culture people wanting to erase things they don’t agree with.