Tuning Orbs / General Feedback

But they are the way to make players go eventually
Just get rid of them already and you won’t have to fix so many bugs with their timers, etc. LOL
Look at how the mythic+ keys work in wow at least

AGS devs have checked out too many asian mmo’s with their timegate/pay to access content faster
have 1500+ hours, still want to play, but there’s really nothing worthwhile at the moment
only 2 high level expeditions that you are limited to (genesis/laz) dynasty is not worth mentioning, even though it is rather unique, with the 2 kitty cats pushing you every which way lol
There is no option to separate buffs/debuffs so that you can actually see EVERYTHING that is on your character, aside from buffs not always displaying correctly
No raid/alliance function or any kind of content that requires more than one group to run
As we already know, the painfully obvious fact that NW was rushed for launch as seen with Lazarus Instrumentality and the Chardis fight (LOL) but whoa it was finally… “fixed” nothing hard about it still
at the end of this post, it feels pointless to even click create topic
Developers need to admit some responsibility for current state of the game, fixing 1000 bugs is quite the achievement, but to have that many in the first place o_O

Please remove Tuning Orbs from the game,

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