Tuning orbs repurposed as timeless shards

Just a Idea and feel free to bash it but what If they taking Tuning orbs and repurpose them as a crafting mat similar to a Timeless shards. Stone cutting has taken a huge hit but something like this can bring it back. Use stonecutting as a way to make mods for your crafts. You are technically “tuning” your gear if they do this and would possible give a second perk choice and 600 GS on items. Maybe too op but you would still have the third perk as random… Just tossing it out there would hate to see them just scrap them and stonecutting.
Plus you can keep the ingredients from dungeons as crafting ingredients keeping players running them for the tuning orbs.

Make then mats only drop in Mutated or very rare so hunting them down to craft a 600+ Weapon or armor with 2 perks and a stat you want would be very worth it and add to the end game crafting grind.

They already changed tuning orbs in the patch notes.

You can craft these things that give you boss rolls and some gold and mutated versions give umbral shards.

It’s somewhere in the patch notes