Tuning orbs suggestion

Everyone is literally begging for these to be removed. Please. Casual players don’t have time to grind for 1 key for one single run a week. If you guys are determined to keep them, make the keys last for 7 days so it’s only a grind 1 day a week to make them. People would still buy them out of convenience, or buy spots from people who have them.

Farming faction shards for that one orb takes literally like how much… 15 minutes? If you don’t have that much time I can assure you that you won’t have enough time to run mutations.

The cooldown is once a week even for the faction key. So to get the required amount for all 10 mutations each party member needs 2 orbs either by crafting, faction, or buying which is a joke. My point still stands mutation or not. Casuals don’t want to be gated and hassled to spend 2-3k gold, or craft just to do something you can do in any other mmo without the same problems.

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