Tuning Pass on Useless Perks?

Will there ever be a tuning pass on useless perks so that they aren’t useless? Lots of them are absolutely horrendous, like Refreshing Power Shot, Fortifying Rain of Arrows, Stamina back from killing someone with stopping power…

These are seriously dated like the game was made by Vanilla WoW developers. They’re absolutely terrible, and anyone with a lick of sense knew that. The Void Gauntlet has amazing perks for its abilities. A mortal strike, healing on VG, buff removal, buff reduction… They’re actually useful, but the vast majority of perks for everyone else are garbage. Please do a tuning pass on these before implementing more weapons beyond the Blunderbuss since that’s probably nearing completion. Weapons that come out with good perks will constantly create new meta shifts if those perks are actually useful and we’ll just do the same song and dance each time.


Man I don’t even use any bow perks except fortifying rain of arrows and even it is largely useless.

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150% agree. I also use poison shot weakened and fortifying rain of arrow but they seems so worthless most of time ( 6sec fortify on rain and some 4 sec weaken on poison shot) …. Also what about penetrating shot attribute skills ? You need to make Thoses attributes perks pvp… I agree that VG has ALL the best perks while majority of other weapons are literally MEME attribute perks. Sincerly, a spear / bow user


There are also a lot of weapon passives that give stamina, which doesn’t seem relevant anymore.

The pen shot one is pve only because of how knocks are in pvp.

I can’t imagine this would take priority on a content drop or major fixes and looks at PVP.

it should be a part of pvp balance month. probably a month or so after pvp arenas get added.

I think these changes would make the game significantly more enjoyable for everyone and don’t require a ridiculous amount of thought.

Like we could do a musket one real quick

Traps - Traps now cause the enemy to be slowed for 1.5 seconds after exiting the trap.

Stopping Power - Successful hits with stopping power cause your next shot, if a headshot, to do 25% more critical damage.

Putrefying Overpowered Shot - OP shot now causes the target to take a stacking healing debuff up to 3 stacks, for the next 5 seconds. Each stack refreshes the last and lasts for 5 seconds. The initial hit will apply a stack.

Explosive Sticky Bomb - Sticky Bomb now causes all targets hit by the explosion to be stunned, rather than staggered, for 1 second.


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