Turkalon Not getting any drops

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Server/World: Nilfheim

Event Name: Turkalon

Time and Date: 16/11/2022

I have been a part of a group killing the Turkalon 7 times and not gotten a single drop. What am I missing?

I’m level 60 I’ve played this game for 600 hours. It’s not making sense to me. Is it bugged? I’ve tried using all staffs and gauntlets in case it was like a weird bug with it not registering that i’ve engaged the boss.

Why am I getting nothing

Do I need to do minimum damage? Surely not if I’m a healer

Others in global chat are reporting they are not getting drops either so its not just me.

Droprates are higher if you flag up.

Nobody in the raiding group is flagged and they are all getting drops…

rumour :slight_smile:

first kill unflagged
leg + trophy…

u just need to deal enough dmg

As far as we found out, you only get Turkey legs for the first 5 kills of the day but you can keep killing Turkolon for a chance to get the trophy.

Yeah I havent had any drops at all since the event started not one. So that first 5 kills thing wont apply to me

Also how can this be related to damage if I am a healer…??? That doesn’t make any sense

Well sounds like you are not getting kill participation because the droprate is 100%. Just left click Turkolon while healing people.

Of course I’ve attacked the turk. Every time

U need to do 100.000 damage to him,then it counts and you get a drop.as a healer maybe hard to do^^
thats what nwdb says

No, this is 100% incorrect.

Ok. Wait. Everyone is missing one crucial item that I have found to be true.

I use a firestaff and a musket. When hunting the big turkey I use skinning gear and the musket and turkon tincture.

I have actually not gotten the leg drop while doing close to 200,000 damage to the turkey. Yes it is possible. What I learned was that I was TOO FAR AWAY from the turkey to get damage credit, even though the damage was being applied to the turkey…

Get closer. :slight_smile: