Turkey Drops limited per day?

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Server/World: El Dorado

Event Name: Turkulon

Time and Date: 11/16/2022

Event Description:Kill All Turkies!

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After getting 5 legs, new pet item and new skin there have been 0 drops in 7 kills. Anyone else seeing the same?

That’s intentional. You are only supposed to be able to get 5 legs per day and one pet item and one skin over the entire event.

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Is there a chance to get the remaining items, Trophy etc?

Yes. If you haven’t gotten the trophy yet, it will continue to have a chance to drop, but that as well, only can drop once during the event.

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I got 5 legs and the Skin for the legs.
But thats it.
How can i get the Trophy + Pet?
Is it bugged or intentional? I mean, you could write such things into the patch-notes…?

You have to keep killing him for a chance to get those.


Where do you get your infos from?
Its nice of you to help, but how do you know those things, when theyre not in the patchnotes etc.?

EDIT: It would be nice to get those infos from a source (like the patchnotes) and not to rely on friendly people for patch-infos.

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Come on its Jake… from State Farm.


(and yes, of course they should make patch notes :slight_smile:


ok,im also a big fan of nwdb.

But the issue i have is: i killed a few turkeys and got 5 legs + 1 skin.
After that the kills didnt drop anything.
so i dont know if i just have to keep on killing and eventually get the trophy+pet or if theyre bound to the “leg-drops” and i can only get them tomorrow etc.
because if theyre bound to leg-drops i can get unlucky even if i kill 5 every day. and nwdb doesnt show that…
but thanks again for your great help!

It just feels like youre doing the job of the developers here.

I’m fairly sure you should get the trophy/pet without the leg dropping. Let me look.

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You should be able to get the trophy or pet drops while being on leg cooldown. 16 kills should get you everything.

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anyone tested if the new trophy stacks with lasting consumption?

Im back.

i killed a few more turkeys (didnt count).

The last one gave me all 3 items i was missing (all housing items) without the leg drop.
So it works as you said. Thank you.

@Saroth it stacks, testet it with bufffood that normally lasts 25min, with 3 bags it lasted 37min, with trophy 46mins.

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Can I do these 16 kills in one day?

Yes. As long as you are getting 1% (or 100K) damage, 16 kills will get you everything.

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Okay, I killed 10 and still no trophy, then I will kill some more.

Check the news page before patch notes.

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