Turkey is bullshit

maybe if they added turkey mounts, people ccould get to the event in a reasonable timeframe

Sutekh is pretty good at sharing the location publicly. To help yourself though, go kill a bunch of regular turkeys to get the special purple skinning knife for the event. Then kill more regular turkeys and get the event weapon coating. When you get to a big turkey, slap that boogie juice all over your weapon (lasts for 40mins I think) and it will ramp up your Turkulon spanking capacity. You should easily hit min even without a group.

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Pretty goddamn amazing how AGS managed to ruin the turkey if there are too many AND if there are not enough people there.

Turkey heals for 1/10th of its HP every couple minutes and since theyre LITERAL tanks if you dont have at least 3 full groups you probably wont be able to kill it.

A+ job on this one guys. Make the event only accessible if you have enough BUT NOT TOO MANY people helping you. And after everyone started to pat you guys on the back for starting to fix some of the problems that are blatantly obvious if you play the game for more than 5 minutes. Shameful.

just spent 20 minutes trying to kill a turkey with 6 other people because no one wanted to help / it was regening health faster than we could dps it down.

Probably did 40-50% of its health in damage but every couple minutes it just regens 1/10th its health because the devs are idiots and dont play their own game enough to think this could be a problem for anyone.

i know im a bit late on this thread but jesus op im not sure if this is a troll post or not but the turkey has plenty of health and as a solo player i was able to super farm turkies just fine and get all the rewards just fine . The turkey is NOT too far away from any of the tp points that you should have already from doing main questline . They are rng rewards for a reason . you have to hit the turkey long enough to get credit . ive gotten no lot many times too hence rng .