Turkey nest shows eggs, then give eggs

It’s bad enough that turkey nests give a single egg.
Sometimes, however, they only give feathers, and no egg.


If the model shows multiple eggs, then give us multiple eggs.
It’s okay for some items to be cheap, not all ingredients need to be over 10 coin each

Drop the chance of getting no eggs and make every nest give at LEAST 3+


Magic nests that show feathers egg-shaped.
Nests are very hard to find if you’re just exploring. It would make sense to reward such a find with at least half-a-dozen eggs.

I am against it, otherwise we will again see bots that hoe exclusively nests, which will predictably reduce the cost of eggs, which is already artificially underestimated on a regular basis. However, like all the main products on the market.


Huh? why are you telling lies boy ?

I was on ah last night (Midgard) food mats there were like 3 of them over 10 gold , almost all are under 1. People come here telling lies like the devs don’t know the game , buddy they made the game.

But yes one nest , one egg guaranteed would be fair.

To tell the truth, I only started noticing nests at all when I was already 50+. :slight_smile: I’m afraid that the increase in production in them will interest bots. Now it’s just nice to run into them: I’ve never tried to remember where they are, and it’s impossible when you just run around the world.

aint hard to find for all the Map User… imagine the price drop… lol

just go pvp and kill turkeys aint hard to gather eggs

You can find them out in the wild without much trouble, you just have to look for specific types of trees.

You can’t consider bots as a consumer because ideally, bots shouldn’t be in the game. The suggestion is about increasing yield of eggs in nests. It’s the dev’s responsibility to deal with the issue of botting in any change.

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