Turkey terminator title is used for RACISM

As Turks, we are aware that the title of Turkey terminator is used by many players as hostility and mockery against the Turks.Although this title is easily won, it is among the most preferred titles by the players.As if that wasn’t enough, you also bring a boss named as turkolon.
If the game had a title created using your country’s name. And it was like this.england terminator,germany temrinator etc,do you like it?
There is no title in the game like wolf terminator , bear terminator etc. created by using another animal’s name.We even think that this is something done on purpose by the game developers.
It is unacceptable to allow such a thing in the new world, which is a game against racism.even if you did it without thinking like that,some players use it this way.
Please remove the turkey terminator title from the game.DO NOT OPPORTUNITY TO RACISM.




why stop at that ? maybe just remove all turkeys from the game ?


I’m answering for more people to see

I’m from EU-Hellheim i’ve never seen anyone make that connection.

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You want to thank your lucky stars it doesn’t have its original name “turkey-cock”. Go read up on the origin of the bird’s name, it should make you quite proud actually.

You’re right, this is unacceptable.
I demand that they add ‘… Terminator’ for every country in the world, so as not to single anyone out.


get out of here bruh lmfao


As everyone sees no one takes it seriously and makes fun of it.

You’re reaching so hard right now lmao.


Thank you for surfacing this concern, hopefully it is clear in this case our intended use of the word Turkey refers to the in-game animal. We will share your concerns with the team. If anyone in-game violates our Code of Conduct with hate speech or racist remarks please be sure to report them as this behavior is not tolerated.