Turkey Terror Event Guide!

Hey Everyone I made a whole guide going over everything you need to know about this event, including where he spawns, rewards, what you can do if you have only a small group, just everything you need to know. Feel free to check it out, link will be down below if you have any questions leave a comment in the video and ill be more than happy to help, thank you guys Happy Hunting!

Video: New World Turkey Terror Event Guide - YouTube

if you haven’t gotten all the rewards for turkulon he usually drops everything in his pool table by the 16th kill, you should have everything by then.

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your math is correct. my 5th kill this AM dropped the 2 housing items and i already got the trophy and skin

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nice glad you got everything this event is a little underwhelming, hopefully they step it up with the winter event.

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yeah for sure. to be clear on the math, when i posted it was the 3rd day of the event therefor my 15th turkey kill that i got all items by.