Turkulon's Claw Non Repairable

Just wondering if this a intended or a bug. If intended, will a new one drop after the original one is destroyed?


Also wondering this, mine is dangerously low and cannot repair. They said one per event will drop and its only day 3 of the event!

@Luxendra This is disturbing, i’m also low on durability on the claw and cannot repair it. Sorry to keep bugging you but this is going to put a downer in the end of the event. Can ya pass it along?

I completely agree, I was enjoying the event to the fullest and this just put a damper on the whole thing :frowning:

I know the formula now, ONLY skin turkeys with the claw. You lose 1 durability per beast skinned and the wolves and etc are placeholders for turkeys.

If you’re farming Moonshade crossroads in MB for turkeys and killing wolves like me then switch to your main skinning knife for the doggies. You can get your 6 Diamonds in about 10 mins there but don’t waste your durability on wolves, just kill them in hopes they respawn as gobblers.

@Aenwyn Durability count down to 1393/1500

Mine got to zero durability. I dropped it to get a new one but nope, it doesn’t drop anymore. It’s been three days since I dropped my knife and no new one dropped. I’m sad :frowning:

My wife also broke hers to zero durability and when she continued to kill turkeys she still got diamond gypsum from her regular skinning knife. She doesn’t get anymore consolation bags or potions now though.

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