Turn down OPR XP requirements and ban bots or just turn OPR off entirely and admit you hate PVP'ers

It’s a joke at this point. All damn day on El Dorado it is lopsided loss after lopsided loss.

Even being on the winning team is cancerous. These people who join in pre-made groups with pocket healers roll through all three forts and then spawn camp the entire base. The three doors don’t do jack.

@Luxendra you and yours need to do something. Either give us solo queue only or admit you hate PVP’ers.

That’s it.

You haven’t given us a map.
You don’t balance PVP at all.
You keep making ridiculous shit like Mortal Empowerment.

And you seem to be just fine with every damn OPR being a steaming pile of shit. So much so you throw people into these losses when a team is literally 15 seconds from winning.

You either hate all PVP’ers or you will do something about it.

(For all of you grovelers, no we don’t care anymore. They either fix things, or admit they hate a large portion of the playerbase)


I’m somewhat in agreement with you. OPR on El Dorado is ass cancer. I solo queue as a bruiser (mostly light now, but medium until recently), and it’s just dogshit.

If the player base was big enough to support group queues vs. solo, I’d be fine with that, but I don’t think it is right now, since it seems like there is never more than 1 or 2 OPR running concurrently. If you have the good pre-made on your side (and there are basically 2 of them that seem to play the hours I do), you’re pretty much guaranteed a win, unless your team has like 4 healers. I wouldn’t mind limiting the size of a group that can queue to break up the “pocket healer, 2 bruiser, 2 mage” meta.

I think they just need to change the scoring to reward time spent inside the fort / on the point and reduce the score from damage / kills / heals. That way it’s more about taking / defending forts and less about padding stats. Wouldn’t fix all of the issues, but it would be a good start.