Turn Iron Ingots into Starmetal/Steel Ingots

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    The Steel/Starmetal Spear costs are set to Iron instead of Starmetal or Steal, so salvaging those givin back higher tier materials for just using Iron ingots

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    heres a video a youtuber describing how it works (he got another one for the steel spears aswell)

It’s interesting to me that you can even make components like that without using the proper metal. Like layered leather bags required layered leather I believe… If starmetal weapons / armor do not require starmetal, I think that’s a bug more than an oversight of the mechanics. Starmetal tools for instance do require starmetal and cannot use lower tier metals. I thought?

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I seriously hope the youtuber has already submitted a bugreport instead of exploiting it for personal gain (like creating clicks for revenue).

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