Turn this game into a full-loot pvp game if you want to have any chance at having a sucessful game

Sure, if you want to see NW die even faster, that’s exactly what AGS should do. Trying to change this game to what you’re asking for will guarantee a flood of refund demands since it was marketed as PvE with opt in PvP ergo PvX, hence why it was so popular at launch.


No. Every full loot game eventually becomes a playground for toxic people who love griefing new players until they leave the game. This is their “end game” content, to drive away any new player who dares appear in their field of view.


Because there’s Mortal Online 2 that just recently released and already does this. Majority of the community didn’t want permanent full loot PvP which is why the game shifted from its original design to what we have now.

They would literally kill their own community if they switched it back now.


You need to do your research before posting, they had this before at the very beginning and it failed.


Huh? You can buy early access, but the game has not released. Also, you do know it’s a subscription game, right? We’ll see how many people actually shell out monthly to play it over the long haul.

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Don’t change or add anything till 90% of bugs are fixed.

If there was a specific high risk area dedicated to full loot PvP, that would be great content to add

you sir, must be delusional.

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Careful, you could get looted for that.

You can’t just shove full loot into the current game. For a full loot game to actually work it needs to be designed around being full loot from the ground up. This is the reason why AGS don’t want full PvP servers, let alone full loot servers. For it to not be a shitshow they would need an entirely separate dev team for full loot, and that’s not realistic considering the state the game is in right now.

Never successful
Develop your own outside
Current mechanics

Already is.

I agree somewhat. I think at the very minimum there should be more risk for PvP. Perhaps if you have any gear in your bags you randomly drop one piece at a MINIMUM.

They should also add more incentives for PvPers. The bonus gathering luck should be added to chests as well.

Honestly regardless of my opinion, that’s a pretty shit comparison. There’s tons of successful active full loot PvP games. Rust, albion online, etc.

Rust is a survival game. Gear doesn´t mean anything there, just like in ARK. Its easily replaceable. Albion - that I don´t know, but its population is pretty low.

If gear doesn’t mean anything, why do people clamer for getting gear / killing other people to get their gear…?

Albion is a full loot PvP game and has its own launcher outside of steam. It’s quite lively and I still play it off and on.

Ye, you still play it, good for u, doesn´t mean its widely succesfull. Im not gonna explain the difference between getting gear in Rust/ARK and MMORPGs, its obvious.

Yeah because what you said was silly.

Maybe for you because you simply can´t comprehend a difference between gear acquisition/gear value in MMORPGs like NW and survival games like Rust/Ark. But thats on you, not me. Im not gonna waste time to explain it to you, as I said, its pretty obvious and I don´t like to explain obvious things.

I like both Rust and ARK (3500 hours there), but I play them for totally different reasons than MMORPGs. Full loot in MMORPGs simply suck.

I don´t mind losing gear in Rust or ARK because I didn´t spent tens or hundreds of hours to get that gear like I did in MMORPG.

You already said gear doesn’t matter in games like rust and ark, you literally have no clue what you’re talking about and at this point I’m almost fully convinced you’re just rambling. Maybe get some sleep, kiddo.