Turn war into plunders and poaching. Steal coins passed a cap of income on territories


I prefer more immediate action that encourages more PvP all the time, not just aiming for a War.
Because right now, some servers can’t even declare a legit War – Settlement owners are using exploits to basically declare War with their own alts.

Suppose if you destabilize a territory to less than 100%, during that income tic they get less than 100% income.
Then if you want to siege them and drain their resources, you perpetually keep them at a low influence – by doing lots of PvP missions, even beyond what is needed to declare War.
So if you are a small Company that can’t really win a War, you can still do something – and force the Settlement to also come out of turtling to do PvP missions too.

And because minority factions push Influence faster, shell-company Settlement owners that don’t actually have a lot of real members but actually a bunch of alts will have to work really hard on actual PvP missions to keep Influence up and maintain their income.

And those shell company Settlements playing the system by having alts push influence on their territories and declaring War on themselves would lose major income in doing that exploit.

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Yeah… Every single one of my friends quit and my company activity cut in half.

Servers population cut in half in the last two weeks.

It started as usual… The dominant faction pushed every single main territory, due to that, greens switched to purple with no hope for a green comeback, now green is almost dead, maybe a fourth of the entire server and yellow still dominates even the purples. Soon they will have the whole map and my server will be dead. After they took 3 of our territories in one weekend all the greens quit or switched. I hop on now and there’s nothing to do. Push a territory? Why? So we can lose the war?

It’s frustrating…

If they opened up brand new servers with a modified mechanic for the imbalance of wealth and power and gave tokens out or merged servers that had dominant yellow, dominant green, dominant purp it may help, but even then… Stack the power houses against power houses.

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The core of PvP – the absolutely necessary ingredient for it to have any chance at being fun – is the feeling that you the player can contribute.
That’s why the best games put you in proper leagues where you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

But when nothing you do makes a difference for various reasons, it all breaks down. This is obvious when you go into an OPR and your side is full of AFK bots, for example. That’s what hurt the game mode so badly at the start.
Now it’s lag cheats and people exploiting the movement bugs – you can do your best but you have basically no chance against cheaters. So why even bother?

That’s why I suggested the system of influence reducing income. Even if you are a single player or small guild, you can feel like you are making a difference – because you actually are.

But on a small scale, you reduce the income of said territory by… Let’s say you grinded hard with 30 people and got 60% influence. So for that brief moment they make 60% less. At 3mil a week that’s 400k a day, 15k an hour or so. If you can keep that there for an hour you take 15k of their 3mil. It’s not enough.

That’s one hour of 30 peoples time to reduce 15k out of 3mil. If you steal it? Maybe. The mechanic is nice, but I don’t think it’s enough.

If you could have influence resets it could work. Cap of 500k, cycle the influence, every day of influence is worth 1\7th of the excess gold passed the cap. You complete the 100% each day you steal your 33% of the excess. Split the gold automatically between all faction members. Yellow keeps what influence they don’t allow.

Reset influence and income every Monday morning.

Sure there’s a possibility for stealing some of it, but that opens up the possibility of zero-loss if they use alts to push influence around to War with themselves and lock up the War schedule, which is the current exploit.
There must be loss somewhere.

And minority factions push influence much faster, and it also forces the settlement owner to at least start playing the game by coming out to push it back.

The exact amount lost could be tweaked to make it actually punitive.
Suppose influence is pushed to 60%. What if they then only got 0.6 x 0.6 income, i.e. 36%? They have to scramble to get influence back up before the income tic.
Make the income tic every hour or half hour even.

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No, I agree. But that’s why if they make shell company’s and push themselves, the gold being split evenly between all faction members they ensure there loss.

If there’s 300 greens and 100 of them are shells/alts then they still only get 11% of it.

Also, you’re right, make it non-war related. Put it strictly on day cycles and week cycles.

If each faction got 100% every day, the gold would split evenly between factions 3 ways. So after the cap it’s all 3 way split.

Maybe even make it based on territories.

If yellow owns 7 territories green has 1 and purple has 3, then base it on those percentages. The percentage of territory you don’t have equals the amount you get.

So if the windsward faction wants more money, they take less territories. If they want to own the map? They get 0% passed the cap no matter what.

Players that participated in the missions are the only ones able to get the plunder.

The faction with less people would get rewarded more each due to less population and dividing number.

Giving them more incentive for people to come to the underdog.

So every hour of income? So dead times would be less rewarding and high times would be greatest income? Essentially make each faction 50% and the remaining influence owning territory gets?

That’d be nice…

What about when it’s in conflict? You keep it 100% for 3 hours? Then reset?

ESO’s Cyrodiil campaigns are scored by taking a snapshot of who owns what at short intervals. This means all effort has an effect. You don’t do lots of work and only have it overtuned in the last little bit for net zero result. Because that would just make people wait to take action at the end of the scoring period.

But of course there is “nightcapping”. In the PC-NA server where you can expect most people are playing from NA, there’s a natural North American late night period where fewer people are on. Either the score per unit time doesn’t change much, or people log on to nightcap and sweep the board.
That also can’t be avoided and you can’t assume where people are playing from. What if you are playing from EU (and lots of people do play from EU on PC-NA) or just on a different schedule? You can’t just make their efforts mean a lot less just because they are playing at a different time.

So we can’t really account for dead times etcetera. So in good weeks, Companies need to build up their treasury to survive lean times, not just withdraw.

But if the rest of the server decides to siege a particular settlement and keep it high-unrest 24/7, then they are going to lose coin – but that is sort of reasonable.
So maybe don’t be a dick ruler and jack up your taxes too high all the time because they can take that away from you.

And there’s still an out for the Settlement owner – same-faction people or anyone really – can trade them coin to keep them afloat if they wanted.

How about this:
When it has been pushed enough to declare War, then have a “War declaration available” window of maybe 1 hour. But the meter continues to move back and forth. If by the end of that time window no one declares war, then as soon as Influence up enough (say 25%+ influence for the settlement owner faction), the opportunity to declare War is closed.
At most this issue happens once per two days though.

And you wanted to make an exception for War, you should NOT in fact keep any income since your settlement is in trouble. Could be 100% loss for a while to represent getting your war chest ready.
Maybe even have settlement treasuries actually pay what’s paid out in a War. Otherwise people are just Warring for loot every 2 days. And I bet they do. War maybe profitable for participants getting a paycheque to show up but it’s expensive for nations.

But realistically this just tries to fix only ONE issue with Settlements. There are way too many other issues.
It’s best to just completely remove all player influence over Settlements.

Solves a lot of issues and closes a lot of exploits right away.

Sounds a heck of alot like socialism to me!

I mean… I agree, but the current version is capitalism and look how that’s turning out.

There’s no monopoly clause to keep it in check. The Monopoly is money.

Communism is the best type of government in a perfect world but humans are humans.

This is a video game, you can create limits to make communism perfect.

But that’s why no matter what they keep everything under cap. Territories that make less than cap are unaffected.

This is only the mass surplus were talking about.

I do not disagree with the statements made by the quoted post, but do you really think deleting the entire basis of the game would retain people? The entire game is based on having your own territory and faction vs faction. There’s nothing to PvP over at that point. This game would strictly be PvE and even the PvE people aren’t happy with this game. It would solve issues, yes, no argument.

If your vehicle has a timing belt issue, do you fix the timing belt or scrap the whole vehicle?

There is a lot of jssues with a brand new game as expected, I believe the biggest issue causing people to quit is distribution of wealth. This patch has a lot do with endgame and a lot do with orbs.

If distribution of wealth was healthier there would be more people grinding for end game still and those people that maxed the game out so fast wouldn’t have quit to do nothing to do.

Orbs being expensive was only a problem because only the people that owned territories making all the money were able to run it as freely as people wanted. Everyone else picked up the pieces and ran what they could.

Deleting the company ownership would make this game balanced economically but it would also put the last nail in the coffin. Mutators? Diablo 3 Diablo 4 will give you that. Arena’s? WoW. This game would have absolutely nothing unique and it’s already dying.

(1) Stagnant servers show that the system is broken. And since launch, players have tried every possible thing to exploit the system. It was a nice experiment but it’s a failed system.
(2) Since launch people have waited for Outpost Rush. Now they just want Outpost Rush and Arenas. No one’s excited about the Settlement system except for RMT. Why work with this system when you can get instant PvP action by queueing? Why push Wars when chances are you can’t even participate in the War? Why shoot turkeys or chop trees or roam the map looking for a PvPer when you can queue for action? Why flag only to be run down by a zerg?

This analogy is incorrect. You assume there’s just one problem that’s wrong. There are too many things wrong and exploitable with your “car” that is the Settlement system.
If you say your car is New World and the Settlement system is the belt, that’s still wrong. The Settlement System has many facets and many consequences.
For example, RMT controlling Settlements means server-wide consequences due to the effects of players buying RMT and passively supporting bot by buying their goods. This is only possible with player controlling the Settlement system or getting a big cut of taxes.

No. People want Arenas and stuff. All PvP should have been instanced matchups to begin with and with a proper league system so players joining at any stage of the server don’t have to catch up, they can get proper matchups.

Whether this is because the Settlement system’s PvP mechanics have utterly failed is debatable. It’s possible they are just fed up and have basically abandoned it in favour of obviously less player-manipulated systems like Outpost Rush or Arenas.
With the current Settlement System, exploiters set the rules. That’s already broken and needs to be removed. Even non-exploiters set the rules, like dictating who’s on the War roster. There are valid reasons but it still sucks to contribute to the War but not be able to participate. No such thing in instanced PvP like OPR.

Why should a losing attacker who can´t get any control point, get so many rewards?

Maybe I put it in another thread but I wrote that each point should be worth a % of the surplus half.

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