Turnip's Comprehensive Guide to Being a Noob!

Just trying to shame behaviour here, not the player.
I did try to block out his username, but I did miss one bit. I have since tried to edit via the YouTube editor and it has frozen. So waiting for YouTube to fix…

Anyway moral of the story is: don’t send hate whispers kids! It is pathetic and only really makes the sender look weak. Certainly in my mind the action is more telling than anything they might be trying to say. I lose to people frequently do your best to keep your ego out of it and if you have to send anything limit it to “GG” :+1:

Besides that enjoy this bow/spear compliation before the developers concede to forum complaints and nerf it into the ground :rofl:

Update: YouTube have fixed the issue. The identity of this angry young man is safe :rofl::+1:

playing bow/spear be like:

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Everyone who ever got killed in PVP: “A noob, I see…”

My question is always, what does that make you?

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:rofl: :rofl:

Exactly :rofl: they can’t see the irony in this…

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