Tweaking Crafting Trophies and Item Sets

I think there needs to be a quality change to how the trophy and item sets for crafting works. Without completely overhauling the crafting system, I believe there are three minor change will vastly improve the players time, investment, and enjoyment with the crafting system. The changes are to rework the functionality of trophies as a modifier to increase the chance for legendary gear, change the values of item sets to only affect only the minimum gear score, and to allow the crafter to pick two traits when using armor/weapon shards.

  1. Changing the functionality of Trophies: The current system of trophies for crafted items feels demoralizing/uninteresting to the player that want to casually craft without spend an immense amount of gold or having extreme luck acquiring the regents. Upgrading your trophy to increase your minimum crafted gear score only dilutes and de-legitimizes players feelings towards crafting. I propose that instead of trophies adding to your gear score, that trophies increase your chance of crafting a legendary item. A flat 3/4/5%, per trophy, increase to your chance of crafting a legendary would boost players enjoyment and would help alleviate crafter’s stress about spending large amount of resources and not acquiring a legendary item (let alone stats that are not desirable). This would also quell the sense of entitlement and resentment of crafters with the trophies, by maintaining their importance and potentially increasing its value.

  2. Changing the the Values of Max and Min Crafting Score: After reaching max level, there is a since of relief and dread at the same time. Once you look at the Gear score you can craft you are confused that you need to now scour Aternum to be able to craft up to 600 Gear score items. My suggestion is to eliminate the max Gear Score any allow a fresh level 200 crafter to craft between the minimum-600. This will allow for some new crafters the opportunity to feel like their new item has some more weight to it. In order to combat these changes, the items that boost your minimum Gear Score should remain roughly the same. Max level food, crafting set & jewelry, and the town buff should bring your minimum Gear Score to 595, which will lessen the strain on crafting randomness.

  3. Allow Timeless Shards to Pick Two Traits To keep crafting relevant and to lessen the burden on RNG, Timeless shards should be pick two traits on top of choosing its main stat. The addition of new traits in the future will continue to dilute the trait pool and slowly make crafting a RNG nightmare. Additionally, this should allow be to choose crafting as a way to raise their Gear Score to 625, instead of looking for named items out in the world.

Overall, I feel the changes I have suggested will allow for players to invest more into crafting and greater gear diversity. In the future, if/when players start to reinvest into New World, gearing will need to be more streamlined to encompass a wide variety of players to keep them engaged in the game. This will also improve the quality of life of the current player base, which will help the growth of the game.

I dont know how you do this without seriously screwing those who already did the work to get trophies.

The drops need to be changed to all be named drops and unique to certain bosses. At the very least make it so all crafting helms have a single level 60 source and all chests have a single 66 source, ect. So all crafters want to go farm certain bosses together.

The way they are now different pieces are dramatically easier or harder to get.

Regarding timeless shards. I was thinking of adding a new legendary version to loot tables. 20% chance from a mutator. It would require 5x to 10x the materials of their timeless shard counterparts.


Instead of 12 asmo, 5 runic, 1 ebony a timeless shard, 10 attribute mods and a perk charm.

It takes the legendary shard, 10 matching timeless shards, 120 asmo, 50 runic, 10 ebony, 100 attribute mods, 10 perk mods of one type and 10 of another.

A 3rd perk if legendary would be random.

I do agree with your “Legendary” shard idea, and that was the idea I was going for with my third point; however, I feel like there needs to be more ways to obtain the “Legendary” shard than just mutators to appeal to all audiences.

To go back to my first and second points, I think changing the trophies won’t invalidate the wealth or rarity of the 3rd tier trophies. The one point increase to Gear Score from the current trophies doesn’t feel fun or engaging, but more a chore to obtain three tier 3 trophies. I feel changing the trophies from increasing minimum Gear Score to increasing the likelihood of crafting a legendary item would vastly improve the players sense of worth. I original attempted to be conservative in my previous by proposing a 3/4/5% increase per trophy. I would add that there should be a baseline 10% chance of crafting a legendary, and three max tier trophies would bring the chance to 25%. On the low end I could see 1/3/5% to each trophy as well.

The sets and trophies should all be replaced by a single trophy system, where a set piece is replaced by a polishing cloth. The trophy has levels, applying a certain number of polishing clothes increases the trophy level up to a maximum. Clothes are dropped like set pieces, it’s 1:1 replacement in the loot tables. The maximum level is the same as today having major trophy and a full T5 set.
This would give progression without being too much complex or requiring incredible amount of gold for those extremely rare materials.
Plus it removes the burden of managing sets, the trophy would always be active when slotted in the house.

Although you have an interesting idea, I feel this would alienate both new crafters and those who have acquired all the tier 3 trophies and sets. Additionally, I could see players compare this to the current expertise system and equate the new system as an unwanted “Grind.” I do agree that the lack of grouping sets is a persistent problem, your propose system could garner significant player backlash. That is why in my proposed system, I am attempting to set a middle-ground to the players and developers.

Nobody forced a price on trophy mats, if you paid 100k for one instead of farming it, it was your choice to do so. So I don’t see why one should complain, there’s been plenty of time to get back that money, everyone who got those is now pretty much rich.
There’s also no added grind here, on the contrary clothes woul replace any set piece, so they’d drop more commonly, it would actually be easier. Whoever already has major tropies and the set in the new system would already have everything to reach max level (trophy at adequate level and clothes instead of set pieces, ready to apply), so it’s nothing like expertise. The system is handier for whoever has everything, and easier for who doesn’t.

The implementation of your system would need a drastic overhaul of the trophy, housing, and crafting system. If trophies were a one and done element, it would eliminate a large part of the furnishing skill. And unless the developers want to place a Gypsum/DailyCD for the “clothes”, it would make the profession larger useless other than for cosmetics only. As the housing system stands now, I personally believe the trophy cap is annoying, but the developers sees it as a way to pick and choose exterior stats. Additionally the developers would need to put significant resource to change theses systems

I do agree your system would simplify the Gear Score element of crafting, but that is not the biggest problem with crafting currently. The “Risk” for crafting is a lot more costly than the “reward.” That is why with my system, the trophies turn from improving Gear Score into improving the chances of crafting a legendary item.

A way to mitigate risk is also to reduce the cost. I don’t think they should reduce a lot the RNG on crafting, everyone would be on BiS in a month, nothing to look after. But reducing the costs, yes, that’s feasible.
Removing the sets is a way to do that, while also removing the biggest annoyance. They can also keep minor,base,major trophies and replace the sets with a 5 levels per trophy system, so furnishing and materials stay relevant.

I disagree, if my three suggestions were to be implemented, many players would not be in “BIS” gear in a month. The way I suggested would be for the trophies to pump the crafters max chance to craft a legendary item to 25%, with full tier 3 trophies. Currently, crafters have estimated there chance to craft a legendary item is between 6-15% (See Link: 25 FEB 22 Forum Thread Discussion About Legendary Chance

Also going back to your permanent upgrades to trophies via “Clothes,” at what point do you just scrap the idea and just have trophies? It just seems if they were to implement your idea, it would have been probably easier to just change the values of Gear Score and delete the sets.

Shameful Bump, because I feel this will help alleviate a vast amount of player problems with the RNG with crafting.
TLDR: Change Trophies to provide luck up to craft a legendary up to 15% at three tier three trophies, and make a 10% base line to craft a legendary. This would make it for those with max trophies to have a 25% chance to craft a legendary item. Second, at 200 crafting, the max crafting level should not change and remain at 600, while gear, food, and jewelry increase the minimum crafting level. Lastly, allow Timeless Shards to pick two traits to help lower the RNG chance.

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