Twitch drop chests and new patch - AGS well done!

Wanted to say my thanks to AGS for another great 10/10 event and patch.

First of its awesome that you left lots of things and changes out of patch notes. We all do love to figure stuff out on our own, what an adventure.

Twitch drops, where to begin? Thanks for not over flowing our inventory’s with to much awesome stuff so you decided to give us only 1/2 drop chests. Great idea to leave the second one for later and perhaps you can send out 3-rd for todays event somewhere mid summer/early xmas, its not like you promised them on patch. Don’t want to rush you with that, dates and promises are for the weak anyways right.
Now the content of the chest. If you are below 590 GS, you are cheered with…!!! Wait for it!!! “REPAIR KITS”!!!
Yes you read it correct because you know what? what would be better than 3 500 GS weapons that you cant upgrade because that function starts at 590+ named items. Thanks for the few potions, 2 honing stones and 2000 salt.

Thanks AGS, you player base thanks you for 10/10 event and patch!

Hey! We’re aware of players only receiving 1/2 Twitch drops and are working on the resolution.


I got nothing at all

You gave this man way too much salt. He is now way too salty.

Calm down, the patch just dropped…


I’d recommend utilizing salt in the arenas :wink:

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I’m not sure you want that arena guys salt, these topic are only incoming with extra salt when reading the feedback in chat and discord.
Yeah and the smile… not sure who exactly is responsible of your team training but man the communications…

I’d recommend taking rest of the day off

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