Twitch Drops Issue!

I have everything linked, the only thing is i dont have the purple button in game like many talk about. but otherwise everything is linked and even after watching a stream for over 2 hours nothing showed up in any area of twitch or otherwise for drops… please help this is BS!!!


I have linked everything also, and it doesn’t work, have you noticed refreshing your page on the twitch drops ( Google chrome and Microsoft edge ) makes you activate your Twitch drops again… it doesn’t seem to have you logged in it keeps logging you out!

Same issue. And the refresh issue as well…

Same for me. I am making progress on the drops and on twitch I have activated a lot of them, but in new world (before loging into a world) the purple button is nowhere to be seen. I had it in the closed beta but not now. In options of new world before joining a world there’s a settings part for twitch and in there the option to turn twitch integration on keeps swapping over to off. Turning that on doesn’t do anything for me. Here in the new world homepage, activating the drops works fine but as soon as I refresh the page I need to activate it once again. It’s like the options doesn’t stick.

While my twitch account have a lot of drops activated and claimed, they are not appearing in game.

Same here. When I logged on yesterday morning, there was a Twitch logon button on the top-right (of the character selection screen). But that button has disappeared.

When I check the Twitch menu in the setting, I see that the “Twitch Login” option becomes disabled each time I start the game. Even though I keep enabling it.

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Same here.
The bigger Streamers are able to activate the drops…

I have this issue. Day 1 when I logged in my twitch name showed in the game. By the time I got drops they weren’t showing in game. I thought I needed to restart game but I wasn’t gonna do that with the queue times.

I check today and the game no longer shows my twitch name, I went to settings and my link to twitch was off. I turn it on but nothing happens and the rest of the setting options are grayed out My game basically won’t link to twitch for some reason

I have this same issue. I haven’t recieved my Prime skins or any of the drop rewards and I have unlocked all of them now and it shows my account is activated on Twitch. I have earned Drops from other games before with no problems… In game yesterday it let me link my twitch to New World and showed my purple banner at the login… Today it does not… At the Store page and unlocked items… I have nothing… I would like to look a little better than newbie trash gear leveling, ya know… Thats what skins are for :slight_smile:
edit: They all working now Thank You :slight_smile: … Now we need Thousands More! Get To Work! :grin:

I have the same issue as murkYuri or Dontezz already explained in detail before.
My Steam and Twitch accounts are linked, drops claimed, but nothing was unlocked ingame so far.

There is a hidden setting in game settings to turn on twitch connections to the game. Super dumb place to put it, let alone need it. But it fixed my problem. A setting no one was talking about by the way…

This setting also goes back to NO after I start game. In-Game the setting is invisible.
So nope… Still no drops…

Seems like i am logged into the wrong twitch account when i got to the new world landing page is there absolutely no way to log back out? i find it mildly infuriating…

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