Twitch Drops Missing?

Anybody else not recieved all their drops? i recieved one for the first week and didnt recieve my the one for the 2nd week even though in my drop list i have both claimed

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same here


Sorry to see you haven’t gotten your Twitch drops, please refer to this post for the latest update regarding the recent Twitch drops.

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Thanks for the feedback

:+1: Continue to let us know if you have any more problems in Aeternum!

Isn’t this 2 drops instead of 3? With fix?

I have yet to receive my first one, which I completed about a week ago and the second one today.

So i’ve claimed all three over the course of the event but yet to any?

Where do you receive the in game?

The only thing missing is a developer team that understands how to make good combat.

All good found them, login goto the store, click item claim and they hould be there, just had 3 then


Thank you!! This worked, maybe im slow, but I think this needed to be posted

Glad to hear you were able to find your items! Listing this as the solution for any further adventurers with the same issue.

No great loss, nothing good will fall from 1000 boxes 100500%

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