Twitch Drops Not Unlocking

I have unlocked all of the New World launch Twitch drops and none of them are actually unlocking in game. The Golden Rage armor has unlocked, but that was unlocked a while ago.

I apologize if this is something you already know, I know from other guildies not knowing this.

Have you tried the change skin button on the gear you want to look like the drop you received?

You may also need to relog on the game to receive it.

You also need to claim it at Twitch

I appreciate the reply! I have tried all of this and ensured that my Steam account is properly connected to my Twitch account as well.


Only other place I can think of is the twitch button ingame and Twitch Drops | New World

I don’t know of the Twitch button in game, but I still haven’t received in the drops from watching streams after claiming them. I claimed the Twitch Prime pirate stuff and it unlocked just fine.

I have the same issue. The pirate twitch reward i was able to redeem but the twitch drops from watching streams does not work. This happened to me during the beta as well.

Hello Adventurers

I’m sorry about the trouble you had about your missing Twitch Drops . I’ve reported this to our technical team, and they’re aware of the issue and is working on a resolution

Please try again over the next few hours. These errors are usually corrected shortly after they’re reported.

Situations such as this are rare, and our goal is to help resolve any problems you encounter as quickly as possible. We will post any new information about the issue resolution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we look into this.

I do not have any of my drops either…I watched and have claimed everything for the beta do not have the golden rage or verdant trapper skin, also have watched recently and am still not getting the pirate drops…this works with every game BUT NEW WORLD. FIX THIS PLEASE

I have the same issue, I’m not getting the drops on my account.


Is there a way to get mine looked at? Still don’t have any of the unlocks available.

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Mine haven’t been fixed either man. I’m sure it’s on a low-priority to-do list and we will get them. Server stability / queue time seems like it’s top priority.

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Has there been any update to this issue? My Twitch have not unlocked in game yet.

Try re-connecting your twitch account to your amazon/steam account.

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Still no drops unlocked…

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