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This still isnt working.

On the homepage the twitch button is gone, but I can go in to the settings on the homepage and see the twitch option in settings and am able to turn it on.
Soon as I log into the game the twitch in settings is gone and its not working.
This was supposedly on the patch notes to be fixed… well its not.

Neno Kuni

Still not working for me either. patch notes says, “fixed” but i assume they still haven’t enabled it yet. not sure how the streamers that are doing drops are able to do them since this was disabled. I had mine linked during beta and when release came it wasn’t connected. when i tried connecting i got an error and then restarted my game and the button was gone, “disabled”… i’m hoping they enable it again soon cause there’s alot of people in the creator program like me that aren’t able to enable drops for their stream because of this…

That has nothing to do with the enabling drops. Even if it was working you wouldnt have drops. Drops were only given to i believe 60 streamers that amazon chose personally.

Be nice to get some sort of comment from AGS on this.
You say bugs are fixed but they arent.

From my understanding, the people that had linked the integration in beta it keep their info linked on twitch and that anyone that had that could enable drops. but when the game was released i tried to link it and there was an error. so i unlinked and was going to link back but then the integration button was gone and i couldn’t. there’s two sides… if you link with the website you are signing up to “get” drops from the streamers. but if you linked through the game it showed up as a separate link on twitch and if you were in the creator program, regardless of how big of a streamer you were, then you could enable drops… but that’s the way i read it. so if they ever bring the integration back. i could enable drops for new world on my stream. but even though they say they fixed bugs with it. it still isn’t enabled in game. so, i don’t know what they’re waiting on.

Still no comment on this… other night it popped up for a second and let me connect then boom gone again. AGS is always so quiet on things. Just tell us its broken and you are working on fixing it, or tell us its gone.

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