Twitch Login in game settings not linking twitch

are there any fixes for this? or does anyone know where i can go to find the fix for this? twitch/steam/ and amazon are all linked in every way that i can find and it still wont work. ill set twitch login to “ON” in settings and nothing happens


same Problem

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it is broken still, they disabled this, and i never seen a post that told they enabled it again


@MylesLive I have the same issue. I turn it on, nothing happens, next time I log in it is set back to “Off”. It worked during Beta but hasn’t seemed to work since game went live. I’ve gone through the @playnewworld twitter feed (well I scrolled through quite a bit of it) and I can’t find anything on it. It’s a neat concept for streamers and I hope they get it working soon. I’m sure their priorities are on server load, and hopefully, faction balancing.

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