Twitch Prime Bounds and Drops not working

Hello, guys. I know thats a lot of topics about the same situation but I understand that everyone has a particular problem, and after I’ve tried everything, couldnt find a solution for Twitch Prime Bounds and Drops to appear on my account.

The Case: I already “claimed” the twitch prime bound (the pirate skin) and have 2 drops claimed as well. None of them shows on my account.

I play on the South East server on the ALBUR world. I only have one chracter in new world.

Some print screens here:

  1. Twitch Connection Pages showing my Steam and Amazon are logged in:
    Twitch-Accounts — ImgBB

  2. New World Twitch Drop page showing that my Steam and Twitch are logged in:
    Drop-Page — ImgBB

Another details:

  1. My Twitch link is turned ON on the game.
  2. I do not have any other accounts or characters in the game. The account I’m showing here is the only one and same for character.

Please, anyone have any hint how I fix this?

Take care you all! Much love!


I’m sorry for what is happening to you with this problem of your loot of twitch.

I already send you a PM asking you some info to check a little bit about this. Go ahead an check and text me back please.

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