Two Accounts on the same PC

Hi there,

My son is interested in playing the game. Can I setup a steam account for him on my PC, buy New World and then point at the same folder where I have mine installed or do I have to download the game in another folder ?

I don’t believe you even need to buy another version of the game, if you setup family sharing, provided only one of you is playing the game at any one time. This is how it works at least for other steam games, with this one being an MMO, I am not 100% sure if it will work the same way, but it should, as the other user still uses their own steam account and therefore should have their own account data.


Friend who tried family sharing said it worked for him, so i see no reason it shouldnt for OP and he saves few bucks. :+1:

So if someone is banned they can create a new steam account and still play the game without any financial impact?

Surely this is something that will be disabled.

If they implement IP or MAC address bans then no they wouldn’t be able to.

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