Two Trading Post Suggestions

Alpha/Beta player here. A few trading post suggestions

With the changes that were made to armor and weapons, ie adding suffixes and changing how gems affect gear, there is a wider variety of both armor and weapons on the trading post. I don’t know how the economy is on other worlds, but much of the dropped gear is sold for very cheap prices. I’ve seen T4 weapons being sold for just a few gold. So, two suggestions to deal with both issues.

  1. Have a sell as junk option on the Trading Post. Set the selling prices as follows: T2 - .5g, T3 - 1g, T4 1.5g, and T5 2g. Limit the total amount of items that can be sold as junk to 25 items in a 24 hour window. This should discourage players from trying to use it as a gold farming method. At the most you could make 50 gold in a 24 hour window. Also, I would limit this to only colored gear.

  2. Search Option - of the “X” - Since all gear has had the addition of a suffix - of the something, there should be a search option to search on each suffix. Then you could simply add Sentry or Barbarian or whatever as a search option, and then you only see that gear. In the current state you just have to scroll through pages of items to find what you’re looking for.

Having these two options would really make gear management and acquisition much smoother.


I could not agree with you more. +1

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Yesss, I like playing the TP-game but I have to run an Excel-sheet to keep track.

I tried to get into ‘the deep end’ but it simply does not show me what I want/need to keep my game going.

We’ve seen it in WoW as well, the standard Auction house-UI is unusable for people who really want to use the economy as their main play style. Now - to be honest - this is a playstyle I deem to be very ‘on the edge’. But still, if you want a player-driven economy, give us the tools. WoW allowed 3-rd party tools that ‘almost’ fit me. /rant off.

Anyway, problems I see at the moment:

  • I hardly know if something is expired or sold (more or less but it takes a lot of time, my Excel is quicker);
  • Biggest peeve: the differences between Buying and Selling. Why don’t I have a search box when trying to sell stuff - the same but different outcome;
  • A simple date of when things got sold or expired. That’s a no-brainer for me.

Anyroad, :+1: from me!


That would remove so much junk from the trading post, great idea

I dont understand why the buying and selling menu is different, make no sense.

OMG Yes Please!! If you have a trading post, this is the ultimate basic info you should provide to anyone selling stuff.

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